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Mon, Dec 6, 2010, by norradjer99

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This is an article on how to get free games from steam.


 Hello, today I will show you how to get free games from steam. Very first I will introduce steam to you, steam is like a game console, except on your computer. You have a store to buy games, they got a lot of games, here are the most popular ones, Garry’s mod, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, and The Orange Box.

 I would like to tell you that all videos you find on youtube of Steam game unlockers, Steam Game Adders, etc. is all scams. Every single one of them, not one works, they are either fake or viruses. There are 2 ways to get steam games, buy them or earn them.

 The way I got my library of steam games was by signing up at Rewards1, if you need to sign up to rewards1 click here. Basically what you do is earn points by doing surveys, the surveys are free, you do not need a credit card to join, earn, or redeem. I have over 30 games and never paid a penny and I do not own a credit card. If you need help with the surveys, join Rewards1 and click the item on the top bar that says Forums or go to the Q&A. Find an offer guide and start earning.

 If you want to see a picture of my steam library here is one.

All these games are worth $300+ I have more that are not viewable because I need to scroll down.

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