How to Get Free RuneScape Membership

Thu, Jan 12, 2012, by Ano662

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Tired of your parents whining about that "No im not buying you gametime for that stupid game!"? Well I have a solution for you.

First at all lets start by getting you a Pay-Pal. —><—Or just google it. Create a free account and then lets go to the second part.
Now it’s your time to choose. Either you start doing money on Triond, by writing lots of articles (this might take a long time) OR you if you own an Android or iPhone you can do one pretty efficient way to make money.
Okay lets start with the Triond.
Create a account with same email that your Pay-Pal account is. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD! Okay, then you’re going to choose the payment option to Pay-Pal. Then you start writing articles about stuff you know, like games, news, health, coding anything. When you hit +50 cents the Triond will automatically transfer the money you have earned to your Pay-Pal when the payday hits. 
Lets move to the Android/iPhone way. So the object is called App-redeem. Its simple. You download it, you run it, you log on (USE THE SAME EMAIL WITH YOUR PAY-PAL!!!) and by the way if it asks you for a bonus code ano662 to earn some free and quick points, i don’t remember how many but like 50-200. The apps point currency goes like this 10points-1cent. The app allows you to download stuff from the Apps section and the apps give from 50-700 points each… You download them, and then you try the app, come back and have fun, you just earned a few points. There is one bad thing about the app that at least on my phone all the apps those are there i cannot download them because it tells that the website, link or whatever they give is broken. But if it works you might earn quick cash for the membership. The transfer limit is every +250 points, which means you have to earn +250 points before you can send your cash to your pay-pal… When you hit that you’ll press the transfer to pay-pal in Redeem selection, and there you have it. Check your pay-pal and have fun. You just earned some money.

Thanks for reading -Ano662

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