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Sat, Apr 6, 2013, by LorSpon

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Looking for 100% free facebook credits? Well you’ve come to the right place! Earn gift cards, electronics and other rewards the EZ Way at GiftHulk by doing things you already do online – searching, answering surveys and more!

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Have you joined GiftHulk yet? GiftHulk is an online rewards program that lets you earn real-world prizes for your daily online activity! GiftHulk is a website where you can Earn Hulk Coins by completing surveys, referrals, contests and many more! And with those coins you are able to Redeem them for prizes! Each new user that will sign up will get additional 30 GiftHulk Coins (in addition to usual sign-up bonus of 50 Hulk Coins) by entering “gifthulktotherescue” at the Fountain of Youth immediately after signing up. This is a great incentive as an Amazon Gift Card costs only 439 Hulk Coins! You can earn Hulk Coins from completing offers, surveys, watching videos and searching the web. The minimum to cash out is $5 Paypal. There are also tons of other rewards to choose from. This site is very similar to Swagbucks. There are daily polls and surveys to complete. This site seems very promising and I will post on here once I gain enough points and redeem something. 

Gift Hulk is open worldwide for all countries means every are able to earn points on this website.
You can earn points by :


  • Doing offers ( you will get credited after doing requirements of that offer )
  • EZ Coins  ( you will get credited after doing requirements of that offer )
  • Tasks (best way to earn a lot of points on start. You can get paid for creating a blog for Gift Hulk , making video about Gift Hulk , creating a forum , by posting post on Twitter , by liking their Facebook page and by sending pool question of the day with 3+ answers and for doing all kind of testings and surfing online sites)
  • By doing Daily Surveys ( this is the most popular method on site because you can complete eg. 10 offers all worth 30 points in 1 day = 300 points and than next day you can do it again , means you get 300 more points every day)
  • By using EZ Inviter (invite people from Gmail , Facebook or twitter by using their automated system and get paid when someone joins and completes an offer )
  • By answering the Daily Pool ( Someone asks a question and you have few answers to chose , after answering you will get 1 point ( available daily) )
  • By doing Offer of the Day ( this is usually the hard offer but you get a lot of points for it , available daily )
  • By using the Fountain of Youth code ( you can find that code by searching online forums that post those codes when they find them or by finding them by yourself from the messages , forum , offers and so on … )
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