How to Find Your Internet Password

Mon, May 4, 2009, by Steelewsllrs

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An example of an internet password would be a WEP Key. The internet password lets you use your wireless router.

in order to find your Internet password you need to find your Internet Protocol Address.  To find your Internet Protocol Address just go to your command prompt type in ipconfig, then enter. Your Internet Protocol Address will show up along with other things you will not need in order to find your Internet password.  Once you get your Internet Protocol Address type that into your Internet search engine.  Open up the first link, and then a pop-up should appear.  The pop-up will ask for admin name and password. If you have not set up an account your admin name will be admin as well as the password.  Then it will lead you to a page that has your Internet password.  If you have already set up your account just enter your user name and password.  If you do not remember your user name and password then you can reset it by pressing the reset button on the back of your wireless router.  When you reset your wireless router your user name and password would be the same as if you  did not set it up in the first place. Once you get your your Internet password you can set up a wireless network. You can also set up your game console(s)  example: xbox 360, PSP, PS3 etc. I hope this helps and good luck. Please leave comments and click if you like this article or not, by doing so lets me know if I need to make more simple and easy to understand article. If the feedback is saying that it is too hard to understand i will simply list them as steps, so that you only have to do 1 step at a time.

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  1. steelewallrs Says:

    Wow this article is truly amazing

  2. Joven Says:

    I dont get it

  3. Steelewsllrs Says:

    Joven where did you get stuck?

  4. casey Says:

    when i type in ipconfig the window pops up but goes away before i can look at it

  5. Cheese Says:

    Because youu have to type COMMAND and then ipconfig!
    My problem is…..I press the reset button on my routher but it still doesnt accept admin and admin!
    Its really anoyin what do i do?
    I hold the reset button for 15 secs!

  6. Steelewsllrs Says:

    That’s really strange… are you sure that your typing the correct IP address? But I do not have a definant answer for your problem all I can say is try again I will try to get back to you with more useful information.

  7. Fail Says:

    its stupid it dont work

    what da heck do u mean pop-up liar theres no pop up

    and what da hekk is serch engine

  8. Steelewsllrs Says:

    well there should be a pop-up

    if there is not then you did something wrong so just try it again.

  9. Leonna Says:

    Where is ipconfig?

  10. Steelewsllrs Says:

    It is found in the command board

  11. Steelewsllrs Says:

    It is found in the command board.

  12. Justin Says:

    How can I do this on mac

  13. Steelewsllrs Says:

    I am sorry but i’m not sure my only guess is that it is the same steps

  14. qwerty Says:

    I put the ip adress into google and no page came up with any admin login. Is there a website i should look for? Any help?

  15. NoMand Says:

    after reset I type admin and still nothing…

  16. Nikki Says:

    what do u mean by search engine…as in google???
    also i tried typing it in google and i clicked on the first option but there is no pop up…
    please help!!!!!!!!

  17. kanik Says:

    WatS The IP ADRESS

  18. Steelewsllrs Says:

    The search engine would be your. Web browser where you type in the site

  19. G Says:

    I got on the page but where do you find your password?

  20. tiffany Says:

    so, if you forget your password, how do you get the password again without deleting it on everything?

  21. cabbagemom Says:

    steps would be good but the article was well done and helped me

  22. kenneth Says:

    mmm, i typed my ip address on the search bar, however, it says ‘Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage’ …help??>.<

  23. jamie Says:

    i dont get it.

  24. archie Says:

    i dont understand what the command prompt type in ipconfig is ?? please tell me were to find and how to do it please.

  25. Wesley Says:

    I couldn’t get it but archie you have to find run in you start browser (click start then find your run program). Then type in there command. A command box should show up. In the command box you tyoe in ipcongig and you will get your ip address.

  26. tut Says:

    so i got my ip address but i cant seem to be able to get anything when i type it into my internet browser, im a little lost

  27. Ivan Says:

    I get stuck at the pop-up where it needs username and password and i dont know them….

  28. Ivan Says:

    I got it ! my default password was guest and username guest if it doesnt work try username guest1 and password guest 1 etc.

  29. anymouz Says:

    i dont lyk it. it didnt help me

  30. reiver Says:

    to get to command prompt .left click the start button and navigate to all programs then accessories. Left click on Command Prompt and a small black box appears on the screen. In there type ipconfig from this window it may read something like write down this information then open your desired browser. where you normally put in the website address www. etc remove any address that is present and type in the ip address you just wrote. this will allow access to your router settings

  31. ISP-Claro Says:


    Go to Internet Explorer or Firefox or whatever your internet browser and, where you type \”\” (the address bar) type in \”\” OR \”\”
    The code SHOULD be ADMIN and the user-name ADMIN.

  32. hajar Says:

    hajar hariri
    Go to Internet Explorer or Firefox or whatever your internet browser and, where you type \”\” (the address bar) type in \”\” OR \”\”
    The code SHOULD be ADMIN and the user-name ADMIN

    Read more:

  33. dodge-viber Says:

    like when you get in too the internet you have to but the pass-word in? or no

  34. Leslie Says:

    i can’t figure out the password someone help.. i tried admin and guest nothing works :(

  35. Prem Says:

    Thanks , its done..

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