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Wed, Feb 2, 2011, by Epicsauce101

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A tutorial on how to use Swagbucks and get points.

Swagbucks is a search engine like google, but you make points for prizes or cash. You can make points by searching random phrases in their search bar, using their swagbuckstv, or doing simple offers.

You can search just about anything, just click the “Search” button about 4-6 times until you get points, if you do not get points then just wait a few minutes and try again, if you want you can change what you typed, or you can actually use it as if it were your google or any other search engine. This was actually really convenient, I searched “Swagbucks should give me points so I can show Triond how it’s done”, and got Swagbucks on the first try.

Next, there is the daily poll, you answer the daily poll and you get a swagbuck. To get to the daily poll you just have to hover over “Earn”, it is the last one in the row.

Also, when you you visit the “Trusted Surveys” link under “Earn” you receive a swagbuck.

Swagbucks also recently started a new way to earn. It is called “Swagbucks TV”. There is an auto play function so you do not really need to watch if you don’t want to. Personally, I let it play through while I am sleeping. Every now and then though, a pop up will come up and ask if you are there, just click “I am here” when you see it then ignore it again! When you watch Swagbucks TV, you fill up a “Swagbucks Meter”, when it is full you receive 5 Swagbucks.

Last, they have their special offers. Under earn there is a link to their special offers. Which includes Gambit, Tapjoy, TrialPay, gWallet, Paymentwall and Super Rewards. All of them usually have videos you can watch for swagbucks. As shown in the picture, TrialPay has 3 videos I can watch for 2 swagbucks each. (All offers usually have videos, this is just the picture I am chosing to use since it was the first one that came up.)

Swagbucks has a lot of rewards, you can receive cash or you can redeem for prizes and they often have specials/deals when the prices of the cash/prizes will drop. I have only received one prize, a Detroit Lions banner for my father, and it is here hanging in the living room. Other than that, I only redeem cash.

Here is my referral link to swagbucks:

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  1. MaxBuceo Says:

    Very interesting post, i like it

  2. LJ Spain Says:

    Thanks for explaining swagbucks.

  3. Cinders Says:

    I had never hear of swagbucks, many thanks for the info.

  4. Edsss Says:

    Interesting! Gotta try this!

  5. Erin Miller Says:

    I have a swag bucks account but I never use it. I am not sure if it is even still active.

  6. Epicsauce101 Says:

    Swagbucks is one of the sites I think I earn the most on. It has become very easy to earn points with the swagbucks tv, and usually if you search once in a while you get anywhere from 10-50 points.

  7. AWritingSighting Says:

    Thanks for the info. Helpful and Useful.
    Do you know anything about the android app. shopkick?

  8. Epicsauce101 Says:

    Just looked up the Shopkick app, looks like something I will get into when I get my droid.

    On another note: Swagbucks has a new way to earn, play games for free, I think it’s like 2 swagbucks every 2 games.

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