How to Earn Free Stuff Using Swag Bucks

Sat, Feb 5, 2011, by Beanerboi9

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This is a short video on how to sign up and what swag bucks is.

This is a video to show you how to sign up for swag bucks using my referral link. Also what swag bucks basically is and how it gets you free stuff from using the Internet and surfing the web. By using swag bucks you will be able to surf the Internet and by this be awarded swag bucks and when you save up enough then you will be able to buy stufffrom the swag store. To sign up all you have to do is go to the referral link in the video and just add your information , and you will be signed up. This is a free program and you will not be charged unless you make a purchase. Besides that earning swag-bucks is free unless you pay for them. Swag bucks is basically a search engine that when you use it swag-bucks makes money. In return they give you swag-bucks. There are many things you can buy from the swag-bucks store if you have enough swag-bucks to buy any item. Shipping is free and i don’t know how long it takes to ship your order but they will tell you. Don’t expect to get 10,000 swag-bucks right away it takes time for your swag-bucks to add up. Enjoy earning free stuff from swag-bucks!

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