How to Create Personal Signature Online?

Sun, Jan 31, 2010, by clickmarbin

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Here are the simple steps on how you can create personal signature online.

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One day I got curious on how I can display my personal signature online. That time I don’t have a scanner or any peripherals that will help me transfer my personal signature in the forms that I need to accomplish. Until I found a site name mylivesignature. A site that is very reliable to use when you want to create your personal signature using your mouse alone. Here are the simple steps on how to use the site’s platform.

1. Visit www.mylivesignature and start creating your login.

2. Login to the page with your username and password.

3. Click on NEW SIG and click on the second option saying : Hand draw your personal signature. With this option the tool that you will only be using to create your signature is your mouse. The other two options already require a fee to pay upfront. So stick to number two.

4. You can now start to use your mouse to create the signature on the pad provided. The challenge on your part is how you can use mouse as if you are using a digital pen. Quite hard for those people who has a complicated signature but for those with easy to write signature ,this is a perfect stage.

5. If you made a mistake in doing it, just click on START OVER to refresh the page. Nonetheless, if you are already okay with the signature you created, just click on CREATE SIGNATURE and you’re done. You can either save it on your computer or if you have a blog, the perfect way to attached the signature is to get the html code of it.

6. Click on the USE SIG and choose GENERATE HTML CODE

You will be directed to this page shown below. All you need to do is copy the html code of the signature and paste it in your blog.

You’re done. The www.mylivesignature is a simple site to create personal signatures.

Creating personal signatures is very important especially for those people who do online forms or fill up forms that requires a presence of their live signature. With the support of this site, you don’t need a high end scanner or digital pen no more however you must get to using your mouse as an alternative.

Thank you. Hope this help you a lot. Please find time to share this with your online friends, this might be useful for them as well.

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  1. Valery Says:

    Weird, you have to pay money for the signature, thats not fair

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