How I’ve Been Earning So Quickly on Clixsense

Fri, May 3, 2013, by Holly Rorie

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If you Haven’t already, join for free today;

I’ve been working on Clixsense for nearly five months. Once I got the hang of the site my earnings started increasing even with only a few active referrals. I’ve learned to listen to the radio offer at the same time I do the Clixgrid so that I don’t feel like I’ve wasted time during the days I don’t win anything while using up all my daily chances.  Here are some print screens of my clixgrid winnings;

 I’ve also found that my favorite task to do is answer questions. Not only do I get paid for doing the tasks, I also get paid an extra bonus for doing them well!  

Then I discovered that I receive a bonus of $5 for every $50 in tasks I complete as an added incentive for my accomplishment. This enables one to earn enough to go premium much faster! Because of the bonuses I get for doing tasks correctly it doesn’t take long to reach the threshold for the $5.00 bonus; 

So that is how I’ve started earning more from Clixsense, but then I found another way to earn for my efforts to advertise, including on Clixsense. ANOTHER SITE IS PAYING ME FOR THE VERY ARTICLE YOU’RE READING AS I ADVERTISE IT ON CLIXSENSE…so even if noone signs up, I’m still able to earn for promoting this page.  Learn how you can do the same here;

So now if you haven’t already, and it looks like something you can devote a little time to doing, join me first on clixsense here!

Update; view a video tutorial for other aspects of clixsense here. 

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