Hiding Yourself on The Internet

Mon, May 10, 2010, by Zammyslave

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A guide on how to hide yourself on the internet. The use of proxys.

Hiding Yourself on the Internet

This is a guide on how to use web proxies.

What’s a web proxy?

A web proxy is a site that allows use to browse sites you may not have access to for many reasons: IP bans, sites blocking software, etc.

A web proxy hides your identity, you access the site throught the proxy site instead of your computer.

Computer -> Proxy -> Site

How do you use a web proxy?

Well that’s very easy.

You simply go to a proxy site (if you’re using it because of sites blocking software you might have to search for non commonly used proxy sites because common proxies are most likely going to be blocked too). Here’s some sites for both cases:

  • http://proxy.org (lots of popular proxy sites)
  • http://zammyslave.com/secure (my own proxy site, not at all well known but not blocked)

Have fun browsing through sites you aren’t supposed to access :)

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