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Sat, May 15, 2010, by neverloggedin

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Register with this account to get 2500 Swagbucks.

DATE – 16/05/10 - We will also be posting new tricks and tips on obtaining more swagbucks


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Article – How to get 2500 Swagbucks in swag bucks

This swag buck account was created as a Pre-test account in swag bucks. This account – neverloggedin , was indeed never logged in and only created as a beta account. Once a member registered under this beta test account, the user will receive 2500 Swagbucks. This account was also used to prevent any cheats or bugs. 

How to receive 1500 Swagbucks

Register under –

Once registered, you may or may not (depends on your IP address as some IP address locations have been blocked) be taken to a redeem code box such as this -

Type this code once you have registered and have been taken to the redeem code box - 


Press ‘Gimme!’

Thank you for reading this article. With 2500 swag bucks, you have $25 of amazon vouchers.

Repeat this process 4 times and you have $100 !



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  1. Jordann Says:

    It worked! But i need to get around 800 swagbucks, then i received 2500 swagbucks. Thanks =]

  2. ark123 Says:

    i got da 2500 swagbuks but u need too get 1000 swagbucks by search engines nd offers nd otha stuff, den only i goot 2500 swagbucks, u didnt say dat.. bt thanks for da 2500 swagbucks. wen does dis beta account end ?

  3. raffi Says:

    dont work

  4. Michael95 Says:

    not fooling me dude…

  5. Alaina Ellington Says:

    doesn’t work…but nice try to get tons of referrals ; (

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