Get Someones Ip Through Skype

Tue, Jul 12, 2011, by Samuelson Bechinewhu

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Hacking through skype


What is Skype?
Skype is an internet configured tool which enables users to chat through the internet using webcam. it is adobe configured.

lets begin.

1) first i assume you already have logged into your Skype account and Skype is currently running.

2) you pick or select any of your friend or user that you wanna hack.

3) you send them a file that will take at least 30 sec or 1 min to complete sending, because you are gonna need that time, you can as-well decide to call them.

4)while the file is sending you quickly go to your command prompt, cmd, and type “netstat -n” without quotes. and hit enter.

5) it will give you all the ip addresses that are currently connected to your computer. you pick the persons ip but that is only an external ip which you can use to trace there home address.

you now have your friends ip.

pls for more information always fell free to mail me at

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