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Sun, May 24, 2009, by Carl L. Johnston Jr.

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A computer technique that will have you online without paying a dime.

To get Internet without paying for it, buy this book! Nah, just kidding. But the actual technique is pretty simple and not known to many people. But first, to know if you can do this technique.

  1. Does your neighbor have broadband Internet?
  2. Are your residences close together?
  3. Is your computer or laptop Wi-Fi compatible?

If you can answer these questions (at least 1 & 2), you might be able to perform this technique.


The technique used by countless computer geeks to get Internet free is called mooching. They use their Wi-Fi compatible devices (cell phones, computers, etc.) to mooch of their neighbor’s Internet. Now there are some harry-carry legality issues, so you if your concerned about that, you’d better read this article first. If you think that the legality issues are still undefined, then go ahead and proceed. Note: I don’t use this technique at my house to get Internet.


There are some things and information needed to mooch. Your neighbor must have a broadband Internet connection and a wireless router. Then your computer has to be in range of the router signal and be able to receive Wi-Fi signals. Plus, their wireless network must be password-free.


If your sure your neighbor has the above qualifications, then you should be able to connect.

  1. With your Wi-Fi compatible computer, open your wireless connections options/panel in your computer. It’s different for certain computers and OSs of where the the location of this is; refer to your manual.
  2. Now search for a wireless access point.
  3. If in range of your neighbor’s signal, it should be located in found networks. If the wireless network is protected, it should show a little lock or some sorts. In that case, you can’t get online, unless you know the password.
  4. If it’s not protected, connect to the signal. You should be able to get Internet for free, but remember the legality issues! And it’s not a good idea tell your neighbors that you’re mooching off of them…
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