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Sun, Apr 5, 2009, by skoote4444

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An easy method that takes at most an hour to get a toontown membership.

Go to and sign up on your main email. Go to membership benefits and take the survey and you earn 100 points. Create 5 more emails at, it is run by google and relatively easy, this is the time taking point. Go to recommend to a friend for points in the membership benefits section. Recommend to your five new emails and sign them all up on You get 20 points for each of the emails signed up. Once you get the grand total of 200points, go to bronze rewards to get your membership. Get the code and go to the code section of Once there, enter your code and you have a free LEGAL membership. If you found this article useful, please check of I liked this article. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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  1. schy Says:

    THEY\’RE OUT! this is not really helpful at all! ><

  2. Kelila Says:

    don’t worry. they’re restock in a month i think. which is one more week till now. But the codes last long and you can get as many and save as many codes as you like. the last time there were codes. it was to. Jan- August.

  3. kewl24 Says:

    omg i tried it its STILL not restocked. SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. vhs Says:

    when would they relese it agen.. i nid that toontown membership

  5. ryan Says:

    it is only for americans and i am english

  6. ope Says:

    This is even easier than Disney movie rewards.

    guys i have a better way of getting free toontown quick.

    1. First just sign up under this link.

    2. Once you\’ve done that verify your email address.

    3. Them just ONE simple offer, its simple and easy. The surveys
    are easy and in no time you\’ll have toontown membership in no time

    4. then you can order toontown, and enjoy

  7. sam Says:

    They are not there :( I dont know what to do now… I’m stuck with 2 member toontasks and can’t get rid of them!

  8. john Says:

    i did that and theres no thing for that! help plz! i got a lvl 89 with 4 member tasks! PLEASE!!!! =(

  9. Erki Says:

    Its now there because toontown knew that everyone
    was getting theyr membership from there.
    So they made an agreement with disneymovieawards,
    and now sadly its not there anymore ,
    cuz those bad bad creators want money
    for being a member :(

  10. Erk Says:

    sry , its not there*

  11. Erk Says:

    sry i ment its not there ,

  12. masteraj Says:

    i dont know wat to do

  13. masteraj Says:

    no pain no game

  14. thegreatone Says:

    easiest legal way to get this is by using prize rebel, one of the most trusted sites out there. register here complete some surveys and you just earned you very own toontown member account! the good thing about this is that it send you the code so you don\’t need to give them your home address.

  15. ashtonbmxer3 Says:

    its unfair for non members thay dont get as much fun as the members do thay shod be doing what they can do

  16. sakura Says:

    that is gift code T.T

  17. chchjcjc Says:

    you guys are all gay big fags

  18. John Says:

    Here are the link that will help you get membership free in just 20 or 30 minutes: sign up at this link:

  19. Emma Says:

    Please help! I went to and I looked at “Rewards” and there was no “Bronze awards” there at all! What am I doing wrong? Is the site supposed to be coloured light blue, is there meant to be no “Bronze awards” or what?

    Please reply to my comment, or e-mail me help at PLEASE!

  20. daniella Says:

    i want to get a free toontown member ship

  21. Says:

  22. Wonderdufus Says:

    If you use Prize Rebel, it only takes an hour or two.

    Here`s a link.

    Go Toontown!!!

  23. 5 gum:D Says:

    guys heres an easy way to get a free legal membership! it takes less than and hour and worked for me! just click the link below:
    all u have to do is surveys ( they take like 5 min and dont cost anything)
    then you go into prizes and click 30 toontown membership, it will send you a code. This way is legal and you will never get banned :) have fun :)

  24. toooontowner :D Says:

    go to :
    easiest free, legal way to get a toontown membership!! worked for me :D

  25. David Says:

    DMR found out about people abusing their system for ToonTown LONG ago… Do not expect them to bring it back any time soon…

  26. meh Says:

    GO here for toontown membership its easy do survey.

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