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Sat, Dec 25, 2010, by Fabs1996

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Hey guys i’m giving my wolfteam account away. Gold Bar 4.48 kd with 20.5 million gold and 5497 ap!

I was bored so i decided to give away my wolfteam account lol. All you have to do is guess what number i am thinking of between 0-1000. Good luck. Also, if more people like i will make the number between 0-500 if no one has guessed it.

This is my brothers account. He is growing up and he is quiting and i dont play this game. I  managed to encourage him to give me it so i can have some fun with it lol so lets see who gets it.

I also have some guns i have already baught like 4 guns 2 secondary 1 tactical knife and more. I have about 200 wc points so you can buy some wc guns from the wc store. wc stands for wolf coins.


Clan: -

Rank:2ND lieutenant


Money:20.5 million gold.


Aeriagames wolfteam.

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  1. coolliiss Says:

    hello i will try number 500 no one here have replyed so u can email me the account :)

  2. felix1992 Says:

    guy man your brothers name tom?:D

    i need an acc i was colonel 3 kd ( BloOD )

    answer me and write me id and pas in facebook name: Felix Stäb) –>my pic is yellow t shirt answer me fast plz thnx

  3. iKiiLL Says:

    guy im felix1992

  4. iKiiLL Says:

    send me plz acc i nneed so answer me in facebook look commet 1

  5. iKiiLL: Says:

    iKiiLL: he give me he know:P

    xD thnx

  6. max Says:

    I need this account :(

  7. leran Says:


  8. leran Says:

    i need this account very bad

  9. Bar Says:

    where i see id and pass?

  10. Fabs1996 Says:

    No one is correct so far.

  11. iKiiLL Says:

    fabs what you want man give me acc or bye bye is your problem im now brigadier g

  12. iKiiLL Says:

    hahhahaha you dont have this acc say your brother to me fail

  13. Fabs1996 Says:

    kiill my brother changed the name and someone won it :S

  14. jamie Says:

    i was general of army and kd was 6,12
    gold 50000
    wc 500
    and i goth now a weapon slot open who wants my accaunt then you can mail me on
    the email is
    i was supper nice in this game but i am already 34 so i stop with this game

  15. dennis Says:

    i guess 321

  16. ADam Says:

    1-1000 = 999
    >_< I hope i get it :D

  17. Sidney Says:

    Wish me luck <3

  18. adi27594(WolfTeam acc) Says:

    its 497

  19. Dragonare Says:


  20. Sora Says:

    hmmmmmm 386 please i really beg you if im not right please send me the acc anyway I REALLY WANT IT im actully crying right now (sort of) please i promise to take care of it not ban it or somethink like that and i wont change the pass honest really i say please once again il give you my email if you will give it to me PLEASE

  21. norbert Says:


  22. Dalibor Says:


  23. jordAN Says:


    cause u said he is grown up LOL

  24. abdulla Says:

    i want to have a wolfteam account

  25. AzZzA Says:

    Whatch out there is a new hack if u charge ap they hack your account in 2 minutes so WATCH OUT
    My account name on WT is
    iMrWorldWide startend à new cause my major acc was hacked -_-
    Add me as friend on WolfTeam and then i give u my e mail

  26. AzZzA Says:

    My acc name is
    iMrWorldWide startend à new cause my major acc was hacked -_-
    Add me as friend on WolfTeam and then i give u my e mail

  27. AzZzA Says:

    You are so good why u stopped and why a number u put money on it Maybe u can sak money like à lottery :D

  28. mohameed Says:

    776 :D and if 0-500 395

  29. mohammed Says:

    799 and if form 0- 500 327

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