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Fri, Jun 12, 2009, by A. Giovanni

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You can really win some nice prizes, even cash, by entering sweepstakes online. The websites in this article make it easy for you to enjoy your sweepstakes hobby.

Many people erroneously believe that sweepstakes are not legitimate; that somehow they are rip-off schemes. But, the fact is that these games are very carefully regulated, particularly those that offer cash or other substantial winnings. Sweepstakes are just another way for companies to market their products. Sweepstakes give a lot of exposure and create desire in the consumer for the company’s product.

Entering sweepstakes is a hobby for some people. I have won all kinds of prizes playing free sweepstakes. It’s fun and relatively easy to win small things like hats, necklaces, watches, boom boxes, which have been among my prizes. Sweepstakes for big money are harder to win, because usually there is more participation, but if you are persistent, entering sweepstakes might pay off.

Just be sure to follow the rules at all of the sweepstakes you enter. If it says “daily,” then only enter daily or your submissions may be thrown out. Be sure to establish a legitimate e-mail account so that you can be contacted if you win. There is no point in giving out false information. It is advisable to open a separate e-mail account just for sweepstakes because you are likely to get a lot of promotional e-mails as a result of entering.

Sweepstakes Advantage has been around a long time. They usually do a good job of screening the sweepstakes offered on their pages. They are neatly categorized by prize and number of entries permitted.

Mommy Saves Big carefully screens their sweepstakes, which primarily revolve around motherhood.

Publisher’s Clearing House almost speaks for itself. Its spokesman, Ed McMahon, became famous for delivering large checks. This is a legitimate sweep that makes occasional big payouts.

The Prize Blog asks you to register for free and then take advantage of their many free sweepstakes listings categorized by prize.

Contest Hound has all kinds of listings including some from smaller companies. Remember: Smaller contests are easier to win because there are fewer entries.

CashNetSweeps has a lot of big prize contests.

Here’s a tip on finding more good sweepstakes: Visit the website of big companies like Disney, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola for sweepstakes frequently.

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