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Thu, Jun 5, 2008, by Brian Todd

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A list of free online skip tracing sites.

Having worked in the field of automobile insurance subrogation for the past five years, it has been my responsibility to track down uninsured motorists from all over the United States. Without getting into too much detail, these uninsured, or sometimes underinsured, motorists are responsible for tens-of-millions of dollars a year in insurance payouts, only a fraction of which ever gets recovered. In my day-to-day skip tracing activities I have come across some very helpful tools for locating those people and this list comprises the best of the free internet skip tracing tools available.


This website’s basic form allows you to search by name in all 50 states and get a comprehensive list of previous addresses and phone numbers. In my experience with the searches, the majority of the time a relative’s address will be included with the results. It pays to call all of the numbers.


The Pipl query-engine is designed to retrieve information from the deep web and return results with web activity associated with the person’s name. The search query engine is designed to interact with searchable databases and pulls information from personal profiles, member directories, scientific publications, court records, etc. I found quite a few hits with my name in it, including a message I posted to an evolutionary biology discussion board in 1997.


This site is mainly for locating information on businesses. With records on 35 million public and private companies, you can locate the phone, fax, website and any other information you might need.


Melissa Data is a huge repository of information essential for the skip tracer. From verifying and correcting any U.S. address, to property ownership and IP location, this site is a gold mine of free information.


The social security death index, will help you to determine if the person you are looking for has passed away. This database is linked to the Social Security Administration Death Master file and has records from 1875 to last year.


What skip tracing list would be complete without a site for prison searches!? The interactive map allows you to search by name, date of birth or inmate number in those states that have made that information public.

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