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Mon, Aug 22, 2011, by Armiella

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I have a lot of neopoints, and don’t really have much to spend them on, so I’m giving them away.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week, I’ll post a code in the comments. The first ten people to neomail me the code, (My username is cassandratrelawney), will recieve the neopoints.
  • Now obviously, I can’t just give you neopoints. The only way to do that is the Money Tree, and this runs the risk that someone else will grab it before you can. I would rather my money go to the people who go out of their way to find neopoints, rather than sitting and refreshing a screen for six hours. I’m also not any sort of hacker or really even a rule-breaker, so I’m going to try to do this legally. If I neomail you and tell you were one of the first ten, price an item in your shop the exact amount I listed. (This amount will change weekly depending on how generous I’m feeling). I’ll buy the item, no matter how ridiculously priced it is, so feel free to use something cheap.
  • If I don’t pay you, you lose nothing. Meaning, this is definitely not a scam. Regardless, I am going to pay you if you followed my directions. If you send me a code from a previous week, I will remind you that that code has expired and you’ll need to send me the new one.
  • Codes will be posted every Monday, with dates next to it to make sure everyone knows which code to use. Codes from the week before are valid through Monday, just in case I don’t get around to putting up the new code early in the day, but remember that only the first ten will be counted, unless I say otherwise.
  • Feel free to neofriend me! If I have time I don’t mind messaging anybody, just don’t beg me for more than what I’m already giving you.
  • You will also have the option of recieving a gift from me, as long as whatever you want me to buy costs less than the limit. Just make sure it’s not so rare that I can’t find it in the shop wizard.

Neomail me, cassandratrelawney, with any questions.

This week’s code, 8/22/11-8/29/11, is “treasure”.

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  1. Armiella Says:

    Oh yeah, and the amount for this week is 10000np.

  2. Armiella Says:

    Code: procrastinate
    Amount: 9,867np
    (The amount will change every week, sometimes up and sometimes down. Don’t try to predict it.) ;)

  3. Armiella Says:

    6,123np. If you want the amount to go up, direct your friends to this page!
    Code: bleh

  4. Armiella Says:

    Code: Poke
    I’m dead serious.

  5. Armiella Says:

    I feel as though I should advertise this more. But I don\’t have time. Anyone that finds this can have 100,000np. Well, 99,999np because anymore than that and I can\’t just buy something from your shop.

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