Four Easy Ways to Bypass K9 and School Filters

Thu, Sep 1, 2011, by rtrt420

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Bypass k9 and other school filters easily with four different methods.

Hello Reader,

                       In this article I will be showing you four different ways to bypass school filters and k9 you only need half a brain to do them.

1.) Driver Destroyer

  This Method Will Corrupt the driver making k9 unable to to boot itself 

NOTE”"** This Is The Most Time Consuming and Hard One

  1. You First Need To Get The Admin Password(don’t use the net user thing it never works)
  2.  Download OphCrack from  and Burn It To a Cd
  3. Boot Your Computer from that CD
  4. Crack The Admin Password

Now You Have To go Onto The Admin Account

  1. Go Onto The Admin Account
  2. Go To C:Windowssystem32drivers
  3. Delete the file that says BCKD
  4. Reboot and log-in K9 free

Enjoy :D
2.) Proxy
K9 usually blocks most proxies but there is a google group called the unbanner group that will give you proxies that k9 cant block
3.) Tor
Easy to use download from

Best and always works
go to
and add rtrt420 as a friend then you will receive lots and lots of programs and proxies that you can use.

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