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Sat, Oct 30, 2010, by Stewies Corner

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A Hong Kong shopping site.

Focal Price is a online store based in Hong Kong which sells cheap goods including ipod accessories, cool gadgets, household items and more.

Available Goods:
Focal Price has a good range of goods, even selling a few items that cannot be found on other competitor sites, while that is true, it also lacks a few items that you would expect. This online store can keep you browsing for hours to look for great deals and lead you to buy things you didn’t even know existed (and also won’t need)!.

Quality is self explanatory. All their stock comes from Hong Kong and China, so its no surprise that their goods are not the best quality, recalling one purchase of EL panels, where a panel designed to be mounted onto a t-shirt is used to detect sound to light up, I was disappointed to find that the equalizer didn’t light up all the way to the top, but stopped at a awkward position.

Price is very good, the sacrifce of quality comes balanced with the lowered price. You can get some bargains especially in the specials that do get updated every few weeks or months. 

Shipping is Free!, that should be enough said.

Sending the item to the postal service is pretty fast, I would consider it much faster than it’s competitors, there are no few week waits, but usually within 1-3 days.

Customer Service:
When you purchase form this site just prey that nothing goes wrong and that the whole process goes by smoothly, unfortunately this is not rare when it comes to online shipping, allot can go wrong. I had an experience where I failed to receive the item. And the customer service were anything but helpful. They ended up giving me a coupon where I had to spend 150% more than the original amount to use, after an exchange of many emails.

Their item reviews on their websites are fake and you will notice these because of the broken English and lack of cons, or the cons section used for more pros.

Focal Price are strong in some areas and really do need to improve in others, areas that I don’t see anytime in the near future, So if you are looking for a item you can’t find anywhere else or find it cheaper here, i’d recommend trying these guys out.

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