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Thu, Mar 24, 2011, by gemini92

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This article talks about the basics of fiverr and how to make money from fiverr. This article will also show you how to download an easy fiverr ebook for free.


Fiverr is an awesome way to make money online it’s easy and best thing is that you can earn money by doing things you like . So let’s go into details about basics of fiverr

Fiverr is an online service marketplace where people come to buy or sell their services for example graphic desiging or article writing are the two most common services offered on fiverr .

What are fiverr gigs ?

A Trader can list their services by creating gigs . Gigs are nothing but short explanation of the services you are providing .You can embedded youtube videos for making your gig more compelling and attractive for your prospective buyers .  Most of the best selling fiverr gigs have a website attached to it where a trader can fully explain what he can or cannot do as it is not possible to describe all of your stuff on a gigs so a website really appeals to the buyer and you can take this as a fiverr tip from me .

How to Make Money From Fiverr ?

You can earn money from fiverr by signing up for a free fiverr account and then creating gis on stuff you can do or you like to offer . If you have a really good voice then you can offer product reviews {this is the most top selling gig on fiverr } or if you could write well then you can offer article writing or rewriting . So you really need to know what you are good at and that will help you to make money on fiverr .If you create a gig on something you don’t know then you may get bad review and this may spoil whole fiverr journey for you so try not to get any bad reviews .

How much i make from fiverr ?

My fiverr earnings is quite good and i have few secrets which i spelled in my ebook below . I make a handsome $100 to $150 per month depending on the orders i could finish . Below is a screenshot of my fiverr earnings .

If you want some more advice and few extra fiverr tips and tricks then you can download my fiverr ebook from the download link below and as i don’t take any money for my ebook so you have to fill up a short survey to unlock my ebook and that’s all i take for my ebook . This fiverr ebook is completely free .

Click on the download link or on the ebook cover to download fiverr ebook .


So see you in fiverr and happy earnings

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