Five Things to Do on The Internet While You are Bored

Thu, Sep 3, 2009, by Dark Void

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This article will tell you some sites you can acess while you are bored, when you are fighting the bored rays!

Today i am here to show you some websites which you can spend some time on to help with those waves of boredom

Kongregate is a site not just for games, but a site which you can upload your games, register, and chat too people too!.

When you register to kongregate, you get the added features to join in chat, and be able to earn cards which you use to play there online game kongai, and the ability to earn badges from certain games, which let you level up when you reach enough points. If you ever get on to kongregate, say hi to me my name is prilo.

This site i think everyone knows, you register, and you login to a world full of rich 3d graphics, and you can train many wonderful skills and talk to alot of other people online while you train those skills. My username on runescape is emperar mage, add me if you would ever like to chat or to say hi.

This site is great for when your bored, it can show you videos for anything, i suggest music videos, or the famous Red Vs Blue series which is a great laugh.

This is a text based time based mmorpg a bit like runescape, you have the ability to woodcut, smith, mine, fish and alot more, all surrounding a timer.

This is another text based time based mmorpg the same as syrnia you have the ability to mine woodcut fish and all that surrounding a timer, but one extra thing, this site has the ability to make your own guild.

Know i hope by using these sites, you are not bored anymore and i hope that i have helped you in the ever on-going war between us and the rays of boredom REMEMBER keep fighting!

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