Fast & Free Ways to Earn $40.00 Daily Online

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Very effective and free methods to generate at least $40.00 per day online. This Strategy Guide will teach you how to make REAL money online without paying a dime.

Fast & Free Ways To Earn $40.00 Daily Online

Hello people, it is a great thing you came across my blog entitled. “Fast & Free Ways To Earn $40.00 Daily Online”
I’m about to show you some of my proven and very effective methods to generate at least $40.00 per day online. This Strategy Guide will teach you how to make REAL money online without paying a dime. Below, I have listed 5 websites and programs you can use to reach this mark of generating $40.00 daily: They are as follows:
Google Adsense
Pinball Publisher Network

1. Mylot – To begin with, what is mylot. is a  very revolutionary and unique system to generate money and even make friends. It is a fun and growing online community of individuals from around the world who enjoy sharing information, giving advice, making new friends, helping their fellows and last but not the least generating money. Yes that is right, Members of the community are rewarded for their valuable contributions through monthly payouts.

In Mylot one earns money in Four easy and simple ways. They are:

* Ask Questions  – Here you generate money just by asking questions on mylot. So in order to generate more income all you need do is ask more and more questions. The more you ask the more money you make.

*Upload Images – You can also earn a lot from mylot by just uploading images. They pay you for each image that you upload. So upload more images and earn more. Images can be posted with each discussion or question you reply to.

* Respond To Discussions And Comments – This is one of the best earning methods in mylot. You earn each time you post a response to a discussion or comment. Your earnings here are unlimited. It just all depends on your ability to type with speed.

* Referral Method – This has to do with referrals. You earn by just referring your friends to join the network. What happens here is you get a cut of their earnings. Which is really good for no work done.

* Tasks – In mylot, you also make a huge sum of money performing tasks that other users have posted. Tasks may include sign ups and even downloads. This is another very easy way to generate on there.

On an Average you can make at least $10.00 per day on  mylot performing the above actions. But you need to put in some considerable amount of energy and time into it.

2. Neobux – is my second website/program that can generate you a lot of income. To me it is one of the best PTC sites ever. Now here, you get money by just clicking on adverts. You also earn by referrals. You have the potential of making at least $20.00 per day through clicking on your own adverts and your refferals clicking on their adverts.

3. Clixsense – is another PTC site one can use to generate a huge sum of money. It is the next best PTC site after It is a paid to click site.  They also have a free affiliate program free members will get $2.00 if their direct referral upgrades to a Premium account. You will also receive 10% of your referrals’ ad purchases.

All in all you could easily earn about $10.00 per day providing you put in some hard work into it.

4. Google – My fourth method is via good old Google has a program called Adsense. Now website owners or blog owners simply put the google adsense code in either their blog or website and they earn each time a visitor clicks on any of the adverts displayed by the google adsense code. One stands to make a very huge amount of money from adsense if they have a lot of traffic coming to their site. You can easily earn as much as $20.00 per day with a decent amount of traffic to your blog or site.

5. Pinball Publisher Network – This is my last but not the least method of generating a lot of wealth online. Now how does this work? Simple. Pinball Publisher Network pays website owners for every new install by visitors to their website. Pinball Publisher pays much more than any other pay per install affiliate programs or websites. They pay an average of  $1.45 per install. Even if you get just 10 installs everyday that makes $14.5 per day. And with a good amount of traffic you can get over 20 installs daily.

There you have it. Fast and Free ways to earn at least $40.00 per day online.

 Written by O.K. Enoch

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