Fake Inheritance Scams Got You Down?

Sun, Sep 9, 2007, by Bill M. Tracer

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It seems that lately, I’ve been getting an increasing number of these inheritance e-mails cluttering my spam filter, and my Inbox, alike. What to do? Trash them! They are fake!

These boldfaced criminals have got a lot of nerve to think they can pull off such obvious scams and actually get away with it.

It seems that lately, I’ve been getting an increasing number of these fake inheritance e-mails cluttering my Spam filter, and my Inbox, alike. While about 60 % of these e-mails end up filtered out, I still get more of these every day that somehow get past my Spam filter. My disgust has reached all new highs. Most recently, they aren’t just bold, but inept, as well. Here is one of the latest totally lame attempts I received:

“Dearest friend,

I am sincerely Sorry for bugging into your privacy, it’s due to a business deal in my bank value at thirty million Six hundred thousand us dollars, as a foreigner I can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance since there is no written will by the deceased who Died at the Israeli checkpoint in Rafah in jerusalem, as the director of system I have been following the records.

However I am the only one aware of the funds and investigation so far in my bank due to my investigations.

I am Mr. Minoru Fujii, Director of Systems, The Shiga Bank Ltd, this opportunity will be of mutual benefit to the two of us.”

Is that Fujii or Fuji?

They didn’t even bother to include the entire message! Now that is just pathetic. What did this criminal expect me to do, send him an e-mail and say something like, “Hey Fujii, you didn’t finish your lame Phishing attempt! If you really want to fool someone, you should at least try to make the e-mail look authentic. Not only that, but you failed to capitalized “Jerusalem”, and “Fuji” is actually spelled with only one “i”, not two. You’re not just illicit, but incompetent!”

Don’t Send It!

Of course, I’m not actually planning to send out an e-mail to Mr. Fujii, even if I thought there really was such a chap, which I don’t. Were I to do so, “Fujii”, or whomever sent this felonious e-mail inquiry would then have my e-mail address, and that would not be a good thing.

Resist the Temptation

So, if you’re like me and getting these annoying scam attempts, just keep sending them to your junk mail, and otherwise ignore them. It’s all they deserve, cuz you’ll never really have somebody’s e-mail inheritance actually come your way. Be assured, it simply doesn’t work like that.

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  1. Laura Says:

    Great article Bill! I agree with your assessment of these guys. Do people REALLY fall for this stuff? Anyway, I enjoyed this and hope to see more of your thoughts here!


  2. Bill Says:

    Thank you, Laura,

    Unfortunately, some people have been known to fall for this type stuff, though I’d hope no one would be fooled by the specific example I site in this article. But then again, who knows. Part of my point, aside from being a bit sarcastic about “Fujii”, was to caution folks to steer clear of these scams.

  3. never will be scammed!! Says:

    I got this email from the same scammer……

    Dear xxx

    Thanks for your response, now the situation is this, l want you to stand as a beneficiary to the total sum of thirty million Six hundred thousand us dollars as a foreigner as i already stated in my previouis proposal to you, l can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance since there is no written will by the deceased in my bank and as the director of system in my bank since 2000 l have been following the records which makes me know that the funds is long due for payment and no one has ever come forth to claim, for investigations i had sent messages but no response.

    In regards the legality of the transaction,there is no risk involve because the Attorney shall handle all documentation which will serve as a back bone for you,all you need to do is follow my instruction only that way it will be risk free for i have mapped out plans to guanrantee us safe transaction of success.
    This transaction shall pass through all international laws of banking in my country and yours, my Attorney shall start handling the entire documentations, he shall be responsible for drafting and notarization of the Affidavits which will eventually put you in place as next of kin to the funds with my bank.

    He would handle all matters of probate on your behalf, hence you would not have to be here physically, and you will not be required to be in Court , in order to obtain the WILL of testament from the probate registry this will be issued in your name and automatically makes you the legal beneficiary to the funds for the both of us. To enable my attorney file necessary documents at our High court probate division he would need you to reconfirm your details stated below:

    Full name, your huse adress, your date of birth, present country of residence,
    present occupation, Tele/ Fax

    As a matter of fact I shall take care of the cost of running all the logistics involved on my side of this transaction, such as the cost of retaining the services of the Attorney and obtaining the necessary official documents from the Hong Kong authorities and other miscellaneous expenses which I will incur to ensure a safe transfer, certain offices has to be lobbied in a transaction like this which would be done by the attorney i do not want us to be involved directly in this transaction,so this transaction is not risky to you as l will not need you to send me any money here in Hong Kong and also i do not expect you to ask me to send you money to enhance this transaction.

    *Note that all expenses incured from the begining of this business to the realisation of the transaction once the funds is in your possesion shall be deducted from the whole funds, expenses should include the cost of the attorney retainership, any tax incured in your country and any other expenses as well as your expenses to include your telephone bills for this transaction, the balance would be shared in a ratio of 70% for me while 30% for you in this regards all expenses incured should be noted down if possible an evidence of the payments made both for telephone bills should be calculated and kept aside for records on the time of sharing both from your side and mine i shall keep my records and also notify you of my spending.

    It is VERY important you note that We cannot make use of your old bank account for security reasons because l want to be sure you are the only one signatory to the account, for the purpose of this transaction you would be required to open a fresh account in your name which you have total control over (signatory to the account) however l will avail you more details and modalities of this transaction immediately l hear from you with the full contact details for the attorney to proceed the legal documentation as explained above.

    As mention earlier l want you to keep this transaction to your self because i am still in active service with my bank and i do not want any thing to jeopardise this due to misinformations from any of us for they say “looose lips sinks ship” finally I would rather have the communication through email because our telephones are constantly listen too by the Homeland Security and better to do it via email or by any other means.

    Upon the agreement of the above terms and conditions l will want you to send me the information needed along with any payment of your utility bills to confirm your address so that i would know i am dealing with the right person and feel free to ask any questions in regards to this transaction and a brief description of your self will be highly appreciated in your response.

    Mr. Minoru Fujii

  4. David Smith Says:

    Unfortunately for me, I am one of those stupid persons who believe everything and fell for it and lost money on the way, amount that I do not want to say because it is too embarricing. This scam lasted for about a year with this criminals since I got the same e-mail about a year ago and the documentation they gave me looked pretty damn real I even got a picture of the suppoussed Minoru Fuji, but now that I have realized the truth and learned my lesson I would like to post all these fake documents I received for everybody to see and help people avoid the same mistake I did so If you have any suggestions of how can I do this please post it on this site because I would like to tell my story for everybody to know how this criminals wash your brain using real bank information so that they make you send them money.

  5. james w Says:

    I keep getting several e-mails daily heres one. Dear Beneficiary:

    This is to acknowledge the positive response from the Nigerian authorities that we should release the consignment to you. We were also informed by them that the consignment must be considered and treated as TOP PRIORITY.

    On our part, we are doing our best to ensure that the consignment reaches its desired destination safely and on time as will be scheduled. Note that the essence of our double checking is provide accurate and efficient service to you as the beneficiary of the consignment in our custody.

    As a final routine protocol, you are required to provide us with these few more details,

    (1) A copy of your identification (Valid passport, Driver’s license or any Id)

    (2) Your current residential or business address

    (3) Your contact numbers (Telephone and Fax)


    On the receipt of these, we shall prepare an invoice and bill of lading in respect of the consignment and also inform you on the total cost and date of delivering the consignment to your chosen destination.

    Thanking you for your understanding.

    Mr. Mandy Peter.

    (For Air Courier Intl)

    and these too.

    Metro Plaza, Plot 991/992
    Zakari Maimalari Street
    Cadastral Zone AO,
    Central Business District, Abuja.
    TEL: +234 803 476 4850
    E-MAIL: smith-britihighcomm@live.com


    The BRITISH High Commission in Nigeria,Benin Republic,Ghana and Bokinafaso
    received a report of scam against you and other British/US citizens and
    Malaysia,Etc. whom the country of Nigeria/Benin,Bokinafaso And Ghana have
    recompensed you due to meeting held with Four countries Government and the
    world high commissions against fraud activities by the Four country

    Your name was among those scammed as listed by the Nigeria Financial
    Intelligent Unit (NFIU). A recompensation has been issued out in ATM CARD
    to all the affected victims and has been already in distribution to all
    the bearers. Your atm card was among those that was reported undelivered
    as at on Friday and we wish to advise you to see to the instructions of
    the Commitee to make sure you receives your atm card immediately for your
    depositing into your account.

    NFIU further told us that the use of Nigeria Couriers and the Benin was
    abolished due to interception activities noticed in the above mentioned
    courier services in Benin,Nigeria and Ghana and thereby have made a
    concrete arrangement with the DHL Courier Company for a safe delivery to
    your door-step once the beneficairy meets up the demand of the conveyancy.

    We advise that you do the needful to make sure the NFIU dispatches your
    recompense on Monday. You are assured of the safety of your draft and
    availability and be advised that you should stop further contacts with all
    the fake lawyers and security companies who in collaboration scammed
    you.Make sure you e-mail me through my E-MAIL:
    smith-britihighcomm@live.com and also Call me at: +234 803 476
    4850.immediately to check if the delivery date suits you.

    Yours in Service,

    Mr. Richard Smith

  6. Terri Says:

    I just found out I was scamed out of 30,000. It took almost a year, to complete. But they finally got me. And they said they had a man in Texas. He even had a texas cell phone number. These people are good. I want to know if any one knows where I can report this. I have names, addresses and pictures of these people. If any one wants any information on these people email me.

  7. Stacy Says:

    Oh my, $30,000! I would contact authorities immediately because they may get out of your area soon, thats what these people do. I thin there are certain fraud agencies you can contanct too, I would ask the police ASAP.

  8. Bill M. Tracer Says:

    I agree with Stacy. You should contact your local police.

  9. siobhan lawrie Says:

    i need help a friend of mine currently has been contacted about an inheritance and they are asking for money to open an offshore account my friend believes this and im trying hard to congfince him its a fake but he is sure its real because of the documents he has for the tax certificate and even documents from the bank. we found one on the internet almost worded the excat same as his but he still believes who wouldnt want to for 15.5million dollars its everyones dream. if you have any info please contact me at slawrie@mountaincable.net thanks

  10. Avi Says:

    I honestly can’t believe people fall for this. Get real, someone is not going to just hand you millions of dollars free. Least of all some dude who lives in Western Africa and can’t write proper English. People, stop and think for once in your lives. Oh, and the guy had a Texas phone number. Well you know, for 17 dollars you can have a phone number in any country in the world and in any locality. It’s called Skype.

    If you did fall for it, that sucks. Definitely contact your local police, however if they are based abroad there’s not much that can be done.

  11. Jason Argent Says:

    Anyone who recieves mail by any form, about someone leaving money ‘intestate’ and happens to have the same surname as yourself an an unheard of christian name.You should either ignore or report to the police. Remember if it looks to good to be true, it always is!!!

  12. pesach kremen Says:

    It is a shame that the email companies cannot stop these frauds from signing up. I forward to all the abuse@yahoo.com or abuse@fedex.com etc, etc but daily I get 10 or more a day in my junk mail. Seems there must be a way to stop them

  13. Sandra D Says:

    I agree with everyone. There is supposedly a lady writing to me, and telling me that she is deaf and dying of cancer, and that she wants me to be her next of kin. I do not even know this lady. She has told Me to call Marc Securities Inc in Iowa where she said the funds are. I spoke to a Mr. David Young, where he said he can do the transfer for me for $800. He wants me to wire the money to a Glenda Mantooth in Richardson Texas. I find it very odd that a lady who is deaf and dying in Spain, has her money invested in Iowa and then the transaction fee has to be wired to Texas where the secretary is. I believe this is all a big scam, and I am going to contact the Attorney General and BBB in Iowa, and let them know what is going on. So everybody be aware.

  14. Monster Says:


    i just receved an email about the inheritance… im not sure… i emailed him for few times…. then he send me a identity of him self… then i looked up the name “murad ali bin abdullah” and i googled.he is really a lwayer and kinda respected one… the ammount he offered me was only 8 milj. and from that ammount 60% for him and 40% for me…. anyways… i looked his name up from google.. then found him there.. as you will too if you google… anyways. he is using a proper work email.. and he asked me to come to malaysia face to face to do this business… i dont know what to do!? should i trust him or not? here is my email please help me! ( aljuboori@aol.com )

  15. Shawn Says:

    I have also received the same email that #13 “Sandra D” has got. First off lemme just say that i am totally aware that this is a scam. But I am going through the steps that there asking of me until the point of sending them any money or personal information. I think its funny myself and love to let them think they might have another poor sap in there grasp. Don’t get me wrong its not funny in that people have actually fallen for there scams. Just funny that they actually think that i might fall for there antics. I just love messin with these people. For instance I am thinking about finding some kind of government seal to include in the email just to make em think about it a lil. Maybe I shouldn’t but I thought it would be a nice touch.

  16. El capitan Says:

    wow i got one of those email scam things wow it had me going goood, reall good, but yeah i figured that i dont think i have any relatives in austrailia or malaysia, becarefull but yeah it is fun to mess around with the scammers lol. i certanly hope more people lern that money never comes easy, unless someone in your family is rich and dies and you know your related to that person.

  17. Victim Says:

    Hi everyone,
    Glenda Mantooth is a real person in Richardson Texas. Beware of this person. She is a monster from inside and outside. It is their family business. she cashes the money. They make money off of hard working people and they have no regards for anybody else. I am sensing an end for these criminal.

  18. d_crawford Says:

    has anyone gotten the scam about a young woman in Benin needing money to pay her hotel room bill befor the manager will let her have the documents that will allow her to leave Nigeria? They are not asking for a lot of money – under $800 USD to let this pretty young girl get back to the U.S. If you have any information about Susan Franck and the hotel manager, Mr. Amzat at the Chest Hotel in Ibadan, please contact me asap at: starr_tek@msn.com Thanks

  19. Tom Says:

    got this mail. googled, found this post and decided to act a little to recive more infro from the scammer. Thus, what I’ve got:
    Attention ……..,

    Compliment of the day. Excuse my intrusion into your private life without your prior permission.I hope my mail will not cause you much embarrassment as I write to you in good faith.

    I am Barrister Ashley Langford,a solicitor at law,personal attorney to (Late) Mr.Rijbov MY LASTNAME ,who worked with Shell Development Company in lome-Togo for more than twenty years. On the 1st of June 2005, he and his wife and only daughter were involved in an automobile accident while visiting a neighboring country on vacation .

    They were buried two weeks after and I have exhausted all means of reaching who may have been related to them. This has been made more difficult because no mention was made of any relative while he was alive.

    After these several unsuccessful attempts to locate this family ,I decided to contact you since my client died without testified any (WILL) which is the next of kin of this fund to come forward and apply for this claim.

    You will permite me as the attorney who take proper list documentry care of this estate, to fill your name in my file as next of kin and beneficiary of this fund deposited ,hence my late client was not signed any name in my file jacket as the inheritor of this will.In order to assist in repartrating the fund valued at US$20.5 million left behind by my client before it gets confisicated or declared unserviceable by the Finance Company where this huge amount was deposited.

    The said Finance Company has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin or have his account confisicated within the next twenty one official working days.Since I have been unsuccesfull in locating the relatives for over (1 Year ) now, I seek the consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased since i will fill in your name in my file jacket as the next of kin of this estate, so that the proceeds of this account can be paid to you.

    Therefore, on receipt of your positive response, we shall then discuss the sharing ratio and modalities for transfer.I have all necessary information and legal documents needed to back you up for claim.

    All I require from you is your honest cooperation to enable us see this transaction through. I guarantee that this deal will be executed under legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.

    Please get in touch with me urgently for more details. Aslo contact us via our office chambers alternative E-mail:ashley.solicitingchambers@hotmail.fr

    Please, endeavour to furnish me with your alternative e-mail address contact to enhance effective communication.

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Very truly yours,


  20. Tom Says:

    I replied him back and recieved:
    Dear Mr ………,

    I herewith in receipt of your response and as you rightly know that I contacted you in this matter based on the fact that you bear the same surname with my late client and of the same nationality since I had sought for the relatives without success and instead of this fund being confisticated by the finance firm as I did mention in my proposal. Please be serious and never call this joke.

    Of course, I know that you might not be related or even know Late Mr. Rijbov MYLASTNAME, but as I really made a thorough inquiry and was convinced that he had non known living relative as I understood that he came to Togo sometime in 1965.

    Nevertheless, please understand that the next of kinship as stated in the inheritnace law is not limited to relations of the deceased nor is it confided to the circuit of parental relationship, rather it is by choice of the benefactor as regards to whom he/she wishes to will it to (beneficiary) either formally by write up ,or informally by secret information disclosure to beneficiary, be him/ her business partner, relation, kinsmen, friend or well wisher, therefore by virtue of the above stated, I seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to my late client since the supposed next of kin also died along with him.

    As a matter of fact, note that all documents that will be needed in a transaction of this nature ascertaining you as the bonafide beneficary and next of kin to my late client will duly and legally be obtained and issued in your name and favour. I do not know you in person but I feel you will be human enough to be honest to me at least for bringing you into a deal capable of fetching us both something tangible.

    The most important issue to be considered now is trust and confidence in this matter hence I plead that this should be our watchword throughout this transaction and I can fully assure you on my own part that as much as I work this with you I will always remain the same.To this end, I request that you furnish me with your detailed information such as your

    1) Full name:
    2) Date of birth:
    3) Marital status:
    4) Occupation:
    5) Contact address:
    6) Telephone and fax numbers:

    This is to enable immediate commencement of the transfer proceedings.

    In our next communication, I suggest that we reach an agreement of understanding for fair sharing ratio on fund disbursement. For further clarification concerning this matter I strongly advise that you can call me on my direct telephone number 228 855-80-30.

    I look forward to hearing from you in anticipation of your co-operation.

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    Ashley Langford,(Esq).

    Tel: 00228 855 8030.


  21. Tom Says:

    Ok. now I have sent him fake info (except for name and last name, which he already new). His answer:

    Dear Mr …………….,

    I am delighted to inform you that I have officially submitted your name to the finance firm with your forwarded information for immediate processing of the claim hereto.

    The firm will contact you as soon as possible for further proceedings thus I strongly advise that you maintain constant communication with me in this regard for necessary guideline in the interest of our both mutual benefit.

    Similarly, note that the proceedings is a sensitive matter and as such requires utmost care and intelligence,knowing well that the institution is advanced to rightly know that this case could be manipulated so they are out for proper routine to ensure that the deposit is released to the real next of kin which is you now as recognized.

    The bank might examine you in various ways to confirm your beneficiary status by sending you messages, therefore, any time you receive any form of correspondence such as e-mail messages, telephone conversations etc from unkown source regarding this claim, know that the institution is carrying out its due verification exercise thus you should not fail to inform me of such development for proper directives.

    Furthermore, until you have received this proceeds in your bank account, all information regarding this transaction should be kept intact and personal to avoid any diversion of information whatsoever that might render our collective interest null and void. Amongst other documents, the company will issue you a Certificate of Origin which you will present to any authority to back up this claim and also to protect you from any breach of law whatsoever. You have my words.

    By reaching an agreement of understanding, I suggest that we discuss on how the proceeds will be shared between us in our next correnspondence.

    I advise that you call me as soon as possible through my direct number ( +228 855 8030) if the firm has already contacted you. Please always keep in touch.

    Thank you and remain blessed.

    Very truly yours,

    Ashley Langford,(Esq).

    Tel: 00228 855 8030.


  22. Tom Says:

    Dear Mr Anton,

    Thanks for your emails.

    Please definitely keep me up to date concerning any correspondence you may receive from the bank.

    I advise that you call me as soon as possible through my direct number ( +228 855 8030) if the firm has already contacted you. Please always keep in touch.

    Thank you and remain blessed.

    Very truly yours,

    Ashley Langford,(Esq).

    Tel: 00228 855 8030.


  23. Tom Says:

    Now, I got an email from “the bank”. (info@alter-com.net)
    very funny, bank was mailing me from unregistered address…
    There was an attachment I had to fill in. Mr Ashley kindly provided all the needed data (about dead person)

    TEL: 00228 234 45 60/FAX: 00228-226- 38 50.

    ATTN: Mr. …………..,


    Find Attached copy of Acknowledgement/Deposit Release Order Questionnaire From (A.C.B) Bank.

    Thanking you for your co-operation as this will enable us serve you to the best of our ability.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mrs. Ruki Goodhead,(Secretary).

    CC: (Director of Foreign Operations.)

  24. Tom Says:

    wow, bank approved my quistionare:


    Find the attached copy of the Documentation Exigencies From (A.C.B) Bank.

    Thanking you for your co-operation as this will enable us serve you to the best of our ability.

    Yours faithfully,

    Mrs. Ruki Goodhead,(Secretary).

    CC: (Director of Foreign Operations.)

  25. Tom Says:

    Some docs he sent:

  26. Tom Says:

    I would have sent more docs but site blocks them. Will try later.
    Must add that the guy sent me a death certificate in MS Word. You can edit everything, even stamp. Not sophisticated at all.

    Hope all this info halped you to avoid this scam

  27. Bill M. Tracer Says:

    You are playing with fire, Tom. Be very very careful.

  28. Tom Says:

    Thanks for warning. another mail from the guy. At this point I guess it’s over since I’m not sending copy of my IDs

    Dear Mr. …..,

    I have received the forwarded letter you received from the bank and it’s a very good development as these documents have been required for due process to enable them grant approval of the deposit.

    Bonafidity and inheritance certificates are still vital documents of proof that stands or cover a claim in absence of a WILL. I think the company is requesting for these for verification of your real existance as the sole next of kin of my late client and beneficiary to his unclaim estate in their custody before the release.

    From all indication, our claim has been accepted and the firm only needs the required to verify the necessities. Amongst all the ducumentations required, you have to send to the bank immediately a copy of your identification ( International passport or Driver’s License) including your account information for proper processing as they requested since you that you dont have an account you can create a new account within this week-end.

    I am a Legal Luminary by profession and at the same time I represent your interest with this bank thus be rest assured that the proceedings is in order.

    We need to get all the documentation submitted in time considering the time frame ( mandate ) given as deadline. Please send the copy of your passport or ID to the bank immediately to enable them commence process for onward approval without further delay and write to the bank that the other documents will be forwarded across in the mean time (before the given deadline expires).

    Meanwhile, I will be going to verify from the high court of justice Lome-Togo on the possibility of getting hold of the three important documents that’s among the required documents from the company.

    1. A letter of Administration from court of jurisdiction here.
    2. Certicate of Inheritance.
    3.Certificate of Bonafidity.

    Then the problem now is these documents ( Letter of Administration from court of jurisdiction here, Certificate of Inheritance and Certificate of Bonafidity). As you can see, these three documents can only be obtained from the high court here signed and stamped by the Chief Probate Registra.

    I have to apply for the three documents as soon as I get to the high court to enable me get them urgently in order to meet up the time frame as given by the bank.

    Make sure that you always follow my advice as far as this matter is concern and to avoid any misinformation and I do not want anybody to know about this fund only but I and you because I do not want anybody to put eyes on the fund once is released to you as you should know that we can not labour for someone else to reap.

    Thank you as I await to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Thank you and remain blessed.

    Very truly yours,

    Ashley Langford,(Esq).

    Tel: 00228 855 8030.


  29. Bill M. Tracer Says:

    That is a good choice, Tom. Your identity is what they really want, so they can use it for their own profit, and your loss.

  30. Terri Says:


  31. TK Says:

    Hi TOM
    I received the exact same email – exact barrister name was different, otherwise word for word.
    I’d like to report the guy. Not sure how though…

  32. Tattoo3658we Says:

    Ya I have got a couple of them too, But instead of not contacting them back and deleting, I like to reply and play with them a little, Give them some phony info and waste there time for trying to scam me.

  33. ирина Says:

    Какая прелесть!!! Я тоже получила пись про наследство, текст тот же, а банк даже обиделся, что их “шокирует “, что я это дело их называю аферой. Срочно просили услуги проплатить,.Мы на работе повеселились и я ответила, что когда бежала в банк(послать денежку) сломала ногу…., спешила очень…Уроды ..научились

  34. James DeVere Says:

    Hello Bill,

    Thank`you for cheering me up. Even downunder we get these; I love the appaling English.

    I have added you as a friend. I hope you don’t mind. Thank`you for `mmenting on my ET evokation, “As Lightning Strikes a Tree.”

    All the best. j


  35. Kristie Claar Says:

    I used to get these all the time. Haven’t seen any as of late. Thanks for the post. Well written!

  36. Ash Says:

    Got the same e-mail as Tom, only shorter, with different names, and through my fb account. Apparently they are getting lazier because they used my first name (a nickname) as the man\’s last name.

  37. stine1 Says:

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  38. DDD Says:

    Dear …

    sorry for my delay in answering, I was very busy for a while and thanks for your email once again.

    Sequel to your mail,I wish to notify you of the authencity and legitimacy of this matter despite your skeptism towards this gestures as this is not scam hence every step to the proceedings of this matter must be legally followed.

    I respect your age and have regards to your standings. It is very difficult to differentiate fantasy and reality in this modern age because of bad experiences people have had one way or the other and this is adversely affecting genuine and serious transactions just like this.

    I am not in any way trying to force you to go against your decision and stand but I only want to clear my concience over issue in reconfirmation that my transaction has nothing to do with any fraud. I am a lawyer and I stand on oath to the ethics of my profession to state once again that this is real and legal.

    I am worried and wish you to revert your stand so that we can proceed in the accomplishment of this goal because I do not want to make this matter as an advert by jumping from one person to the other to risk success at the end of the day. I so heartedly solicited your co-operation with every good intentions for the benefit of both of us. It will be a mark of failure on my part if the said estate is lost to the bank for lack of claim and my deceased client wherever he is will not be happy with me for my laxity.

    With due respect, I agree with you that there are alot of dubious persons all over the world and if I am in your shoes,I will be cautious and reason same way like you are doing now because of bad experience but not to extent of qualifying every transaction as flue. Facts, are not hidden and with a matured mind one can always feel it. This transaction like I said is for real and would want you to give me the benfit of doubt and coperate with me and I guarantee you that at the end of the day, you will prove me right.

    I advise you to co operate with me to see this challenges through.

    Very truly yours,

    Barrister Robert Brutus,(Esq)
    Tel : 228 9155 8030,Tel : 228 9928-6649.

  39. gideon Says:

    Hi Tom, thanks for your detailed info on Mr Brutus. I nearly fell for it, but my guardian angel kept me awake all night and made me search the name of the dear friend of many and here he is. Tel numbers still the same. Don’t they learn anything/

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