Euro Million Lottery Board (Online Fraud)

Another Nigerian Scam, now under the cover of the “Euro Million Lottery Board”.

One more addition to the millions of fraudulent emails we all receive, is the EURO MILLION LOTTERY scam.

The text below is the content of this email.

Confirmation Ticket Number:X-3007893284-ZDear Winner.Please Note, This is not a spam or virus message please download the attachment file for full details of winning notification from Euro million lottery International.Your electronic email address emerged as one of the Euro million on-line winning email sweepstake program held on the 18th of September,2009 in Brussels Belgium., hence your email address attached to a cash award of 1,000,000.00, (One Million Euro Only).FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATION PLEASE READ THE DETAILS IN ATTACHMENT FILE.Kind Regards,Mrs.Benita Megan Jones,Promotions Coordinator, CONTACT: MR.Martens Van Gills,TEL: +32-489-699-029 or 01132-489-699-029NB Please Note do not mail back through the alert email, contact MR.Martens Van Gills, via email:

This photo is the fake certificate attached to the email.

The email you need to respond to ( is cleverly selected from the LUCKYMAIL.COM service so it looks (to the more naive) that it is from an official lottery site.

But if common sense is to be used, all one needs to do, is to go to and check it out (if it is another web service, or an actual Lottery website).

Once again, my warning is for people to use their common sense !

  • You can not win a lottery for which you did not buy a ticket
  • Nobody will select your email out of the entire internet to give money away to you
  • No LEGAL Lottery will ask you to pay upfront fees to get your money. The legal entities already got their money when you paid for your ticket.
  • If you are in doubt or tempted, just GOOGLE IT ! Check the name of the Lottery or the confirmation ticket, and you will find out how many more people have already received the same spam !

I Googled it and I got the following results:

Confirmation Ticket Number:X-3007893284-Z   :   8 hits                                :   6 hits

Euro million lottery International                           :   24,700 hits

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  1. Floppyfox Says:

    Thanks for the info, this is good to know.

  2. ALVO R. Says:

    3 October 2009—Thank You Thank You Thank You all, for being sooo helpful, for running this post!
    I was just in the midst of ALMOST being an un lucky vic of this EURO MILLIONS one!!! I was to the point of being in contact by email, and then yesterday and today on the phone with “BARR. PETER HEIRMAN” the “advocate” on my behalf, they recommended. Checked my email after we talked, as he said there were 2 more sent. I then saw my own Red Flags, when I saw that it said it was for “FreeLotto”, not EURO MILLIONS plus there were more “send to” people coming into the picture, for WESTERN UNION Funds transfers, Part Payment of E925.00, and thereafter, E5,500.00, after prize funds secured transfer to my bank account, my choice,and if Power of Attorney was given to Release the award funds, in the event I couldn’t make the trip to Brussels, BE, to be in person, writing my signatures! And HE just left a voicemail, as I am writing this! Well now that I’am INFORMED…NEXT email he’s getting from ME, is…GAME OVER! I am a Guest, and my name is Alvo, thanks for Listening!

  3. nate fisher Says:

    Oh do i feel silly LOL, I am so glad i looked this up. I was just about to send them a reponse with my personal information when I thought, hey I better google the document image to see if im being toyed with. It truly is a shame that scum bags like these aren’t hunted down mercilessly and disposed of properly, thats right execution style mofo’s. I would do it myself if I had the know how to track em down.

  4. Ilie Says:

    Nice,,,,, i have this email to :) )) Wat a loser :) ) it’s enough to google it and you find out !!! tanks for this great post

    Best Regards ILIE

  5. luca Says:

    not calling to phone (guasto il settore arenal) sorry yuo anderstud ……speak en spanisk

  6. Heidi Says:

    hejsa jeg har modtaget den samme mail i dag… om at jeg har vundet en million euro i lottery… jeg har altid være den sikker person og undersøger det hele inden jeg gør noget…
    som sagt kan man da ikke vinde i lottery hvis man ikke har købt billet…

    Sådan nogle mennesker skal bare stoppes… så nu har jeg lagt det hele ind på min blog så andre ikke hopper på den…
    for det kan blive dyrt for sig selv…

    hende som undersøger alt…

  7. Benji Says:

    Just send them an email asking them f¤¤¤heads to climb back into the banana tree they fell out off …

  8. omar Says:

    my name is omar wave I also received it peter Heirman this post as a lawyer for an alleged prize win sr unfortunately this has met me since I am an expert in making web pages and my intention is to denounce and the like to name the calls for shipments made to the association of lawyers in Belgium and that for bad luck I have a its direction to which I intend using the internet to destroy these wastes

  9. Vassilis Manoussos MSc PGCert BSc AAS Says:

    I am glad this article was helpful to you guys ! It is important that people get educated to avoid things like this , and most of all learn NOT TO FORWARD THEM TO OTHER PEOPLE !!!

    Vassilis Manoussos, MSc,PGCert,BSc,AAS
    Digital Forensics Consultant

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