Eight Great Blogs You Didn’t Know Existed

Thu, Sep 11, 2008, by Chambo

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A list of wonderful and exciting web blogs you have never seen before.

There are some weird, wonderful, and informative blogs out there on World Wide Web but a number of wonderfully written, helpful, and insightful pages never get seen because you just don’t know they exist. To change all that, the first of what could well be a never-ending list has been set up to take away the anonymity of some fantastic blogs. Enjoy.

  1. Webphemera

    If you love the quirky, the bizarre, the out of the ordinary, and also want to learn a thing or two, then Webphemera is for you. Now if you have looked closely and are reasonably adept at telling real words from non you will have noticed that Webphemera is not a real word but in-fact created to reflect the sites vast array of writing. The site is packed full of amazing photos and comments to compliment the wonderful writing gathered from a range of talented publishers. Webphemera means…………………Ha! It’s not that easy. You will have to check out the page for the meaning.

  2. The Writings of a Wannabe Writer

    So you want travel, music, gaming and other informative posts. The Writings of a Wannabe Writer has all of this and more including how to survive on a deserted island, how to write a perfect groom speech and all the info on travelling around India that you will ever need. A worthwhile visit and you might even find some things useful to help in the constant slog of day to day life.

  3. The Relationship Supermarket

    So your love life’s not going so smoothly? Fear not! The Relationship Supermarket is here. Browse the isles for the perfect ingredients for a wonderful relationship and then sauté them until your taste buds are sizzling with how wonderful life can be if you’ve put together the right mixture. This blog has the answers to all of life’s challenging relationship problems and more. Worth checking out even if you think your life is perfect.

  4. The Ramblings of an Innocent Man

    This blog is anything but ramblings. Based mostly around journals detailing the travelling escapades and life of a philosophical and deep thinking man, The Ramblings of an Innocent Man will provide visitors with an off the beaten track experience of life and culture from around the world. Along the way you may also learn something about yourself and the way you view the world. The writer also includes a number of very interesting reviews of non-mainstream, independent films. A talented blog from an extremely talented writer and a fantastic read to boot.

  5. The Techsta Blog

    Everything you ever wanted to know about gadgets, science, and other high tech paraphernalia is right here on the Techsta Blog. Find out how scientists are recreating the big bang and black holes, check out the latest in gaming technology and advice, and even get some tasty recipes if you happen to be a techy who likes to cook. Definitely worth a few minute of your precious internet time.

  6. The Comma Café

    Join one of the most talented up and coming writers as she travels on her path to writing success through her daily account of the ups and downs of freelancing. A great read if you’re a budding writer and need some inspiration, ideas, and tips on how to go about getting to the ultimate goal of writing as a career.

  7. Beautiful Places to Visit around the World

    Did I hear you say that the Philippines is your next travel destination? Well if that’s the case you certainly can’t go past this comprehensive blog of things to see and do. Outlined are other excellent places throughout the world to visit, their culture, and some wonderful photos to show you just what you’re missing out on. So grab your passport, chuck some boardies in your pack and surf on over to this wonderful site.

  8. The Adventures of SUPER WEAKLING BOY!

    Take a journey with Perry aka SUPER WEAKLING BOY as he tries to rid Cromtontownfieldville of the evil school bully Johnson Bigbiceps using wit, brains, and his fantastic array of geeky super powers.

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  1. Techsta Says:

    Not to toot my own horn but there are some great reads in this lot thanks for the info.


  2. Unofre Pili Says:

    Wonderful RJ.Thank you.

  3. Juancav Says:

    Great sites,varied topics,beautiful images,landscapes.Thank you Chambo.

  4. penny golding Says:

    very good, never even found a blog to go to before…

  5. Lauren Axelrod Says:

    Interesting RJ. I am familiar with Webphemera, there’s all kinds of interesting posts and blogs.

  6. eddiego65 Says:

    Interesting and informative blogs to visit.

  7. R J Evans Says:

    Excellent stuff, RJ, I wonder what my favourite will be! :-) ))

  8. Anne Lyken-Garner Says:

    Great list here. I spotted one of my own blogs in there. Thanks for the exposure.

    Maybe a link to each would be nice?

    Thanks once again!

  9. Allison West Says:

    Thanks for including me in your article! I’m the writer of the Comma Cafe. ;) Great article, I’m stumbling!

  10. Bozsi Rose Says:

    I’m definitely going to the comma cafe.

  11. B Nelson Says:

    very handy link to all kinds of blogs

  12. Denny Lyon Says:

    New vistas yet to explore! Thanks for the heads up!

  13. Lena Brown Says:

    Very informative. Comma Cafe here I come…. Thanks!!!

  14. Rookie Expert Says:

    Blogs are a completely different genre of writing. Thanx for the list, should check them out soon.

  15. jo oliver Says:

    I have never been to any of these, but I plan to now. Thanks

  16. Glynis Smy Says:

    I am a follower of Webphemera but will definately check out the others, thanks

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