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Mon, Feb 15, 2010, by AwesomeeDude

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Millions of members daily are earning Free Amazon Gift Cards. The way to earn points on this website to get Free Amazon Gift cards are really simple. Learn more information on the website by reading below.

You can sign up here at: 


Make sure to fill out all your information so you’re able to receive your prizes. After you’ve signed up, be sure to verify your confirmation email to receive a sign-up bonus! 

–>Earn Points or Cash:

The way to earn points/cash is really simple. You rack points & cash quickly by playing games with other members or completing short surveys/offers which is the quickest way to earn points!

–>Get Your Rewards! 

The title explains it all. After you have racked enough points or cash for your free prize you can redeem it. You redeem prizes by going to the “Spend Points” tab and then you can search the prize you want. All prizes on amazon are also available on this website. Get earning those points today!

Again CLICK HERE to sign up:

If there are any questions regarding to this website feel free to ask.

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