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Mon, Sep 10, 2012, by MPagano

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Instant Cash Sweepstakes offers you the chance to earn easy money and prizes by completing fun short surveys.

Like most people today, I am always looking online for ways to earn a little extra spending money.  And while doing this I recently discovered a site called Instant Cash Sweepstakes.  Instant Cash Sweepstakes offers users the change to take fun short little surveys for a change to win prices in the form of cash (a few cents to a few dollars), tickets and coins for daily drawings.  The surveys range from fun short 3 questions about what types of toppings you like on your ice cream sundae, while others ask you to give your opinion about products that you have used or would use on a daily basis.

Besides cash, you will mainly win tickets or coins that will be used for the different lotteries/sweepstakes.  Tickets are automatically entered into a daily $50 sweepstake, and the coins can be used to enter into hourly drawings ($2.00).

The minimum payout is $2.00 vie PayPal

They do limit the amount of surveys you can take (I believe it is limited to 4 every 2 hours.)

Instant Cash Sweepstakes also offers a nice referral program.  Members receive $10 for each new member they invite, and will also match all the money and prizes your referrals earn and then pay it to you.

So if you would like to sign-up please use my referral link to do so, Thanks!


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