Dumbass People Caught on Camera

Sat, Sep 11, 2010, by pablina

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Dumbass people caught on camera.

Youtube: dumb-ass people caught on camera.

A must see…… Kinga

With everything being shared by everyone these, nothing is private or safe anymore. Unless you are really careful there will be something, somewhere on the internet about you.

This article just looks at a few of the dumb-ass people who got caught on camera doing stupid things.

Boy kicking a concrete wall faces the consequences. Dumb-ass.

Still laughing at this one.  Titled Idiots.

More dumb ass people.

OK this next one isn’t on youtube, but this woman knew she was being filmed. She was on Big Brother! Cameras everywhere. I will only include the link as the video does include some inappropriate footage for younger viewers.

Kinga and the wine bottle incident.

Youtube: dumbass people caught on camera.

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  1. jennifer eiffel01 Says:

    My husband once told me that 3/4 of people on earth are dumb. Except Triond writers, they are all smart!

  2. giftarist Says:

    Good share. Quite hilarious people.

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