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Wed, Apr 27, 2011, by Adam Chris

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The two key elements of Social Bookmarking are Content and Traffic. One without the other is impossible to imagine. Do Follow is a social bookmarking site that allows access to the best of both these elements.

In order to create a Do follow list you have to ensure that you choose webpages that do not carry a ‘no follow’ tag. These are sites that essentially restrict themselves in a particular domain. If your aim is to gather as many people to get you a good marketing opportunity the secret is to bookmark many high-quality content sites that you help in increasing the traffic. Your audience is bound by time restraints and is using social bookmarking site over SEOs’ because they want more data without wasting much of precious time. Do not just bookmark every random site that you see and annoy the user with low quality stuff. Read through the site yourself and make an opinion about it. Think of the content from the point of view of a person who lacks good language and if he will be able to understand the content on the site? If the answer is in the negative you know that it will not be a suitable bookmark.

Bookmarking is a daily job and not weekly, monthly or yearly one. This is because you want a regular income from the site. Internet marketing flourishes only because the owners of the web pages make sure that their content reflects the latest trends and market flow. If the topic you deal with is less accepted or less important it is frankly a waste of time.

A free tool that can rescue you is the ‘IMAutomator’ that allows you to bookmark a large list of sites conveniently. The system is simple: Just add the URL and fill in the descriptions with the appropriate tags. After this you are free to attract large number of members from the general public. This fully automatic social bookmarking software has lessened the load by almost a half.

A recent addition to the features of these webpages, are those which come with the ‘Voting’ element. Just like a poll where you vote for the person or idea you like best, some websites now give you the option to vote them in or out. This helps in increasing the popularity of the site. Do Follow helps you figure out the best web pages among the social bookmarking sites.

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  1. tonyleather Says:

    I signed up to IM Automater, but am not sure I fully grasp your meaning about this topic, so a bit more detailed info, especially about IM, would be great.Thanks.

  2. Adam Chris Says:

    Sure I will definitely give you all the details needed about this topic in my next edition.

  3. brandon08 Says:

    thanks for sharing the list. The list of social bookmarks is growing more and more. I think that is good, so there are so much possibilities to get a backlink for a website. The problem might be that the link has not much value like one or two years ago.

  4. Angelina Popescu Says:

    i have 1 another Bookmarking site which is : and it doesn’t uses “nofollow”.

  5. kurnia Says:

    Is that really important to do it everyday? can it consider backlink spam?

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