Cyber Bullying

Fri, Sep 10, 2010, by josy varghese

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This is like a short essay about what I think about cyber bullying.

Cyber Bullying

What is Cyber Bullying? Cyber bullying is bullying or harassing someone through the internet. Cyber Bullying is very dangerous, it can hurt people mentally and physically. Cyber bullying is not funny, and it is a serious matter. I think it is worse than bullying someone physically. You can stop the bully or tell someone that the bully is physically bullying you. But when someone bullies you through the internet, you can not stop it immediately. You can not tell who the person is that is bullying you, because you will not know who that person is. You can get emotionally depressed from the bullying, in some cases you might commit suicide. You can get tricked through the internet, the other person that is talking to you through the internet may not be telling the truth about her age or who he or she is. In some cases you might get stalked or raped through the internet. I know that cyber bullying is dangerous and hurtful because my friend got cyber bullied. He was so sad all the time. He didn’t know who the person was. Soon he told someone they tracked the cyber bullies, the bullies got suspended for more than a week. Cyber bullying is not good for either sides, from being bullied to being the one bullying. 

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  1. Eldridge Says:

    *sighs* nobody here cares, apparently. Yeah, this is a tough issue in 21st century setting…

  2. josy varghese Says:

    ya ik i dont think they even read it and i thank u for reading ti because this is a big problem and ya im with u on that

  3. Arthur Chappell Says:

    Interesting feature – there are a few ways to resist, fight back and ignore bullies but often, people don’t care and the victim suffers on alone

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