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Sat, Feb 23, 2008, by MrZen

Web Talk

Create abstract poetry live with others, by dragging words around the screen.

This website is so much fun; I could do it all day, playing around with words. See how many sentences you can make yourself.

Funny sentences I have seen other people make:

  • A rich wicked beaver can touch about pretty tough.
  • I angrily raged at the cat.
  • Revolution can touch beneath a pretty woman’s grave
  • No music whispers to every crazy artist.
  • We begged ourselves for this.
  • These artist can’t hate.
  • Gentler quicker faster crueller better.
  • Amazingly beautiful & really raged queen safely danced on hot sun singing until having a wicked evil dream about bottling smoking water & relaxing.
  • Pretty monkey pirate.
  • I was wondering how to look high but be fully psychedelic any day now.
  • First bitter lake.
  • Newly naked tree.
  • Raving drunk sky.
  • Quiet ninja mountain.
  • I say what good’s revolution.

Sentences I have made myself (often with other peoples input):

I feel so crazy I can touch a beavers dream.
The evil monkey danced to silly singing ninja.
I spun people by letting fish drive my best motorcycle naked & smoking grass.
I taste so beautiful.
The rich never welcome amazingly wicked cloud glitter.
Crazy sky artist.
We must howl loud because tree is always losing peace.
She laid army wounds.
I can move bad oceans.
Who would do me or jump that icicle.
Hero lying angry after each use.
A very tough dawn went before your other smelly dog.
You walked off fearing old sheep except car is from cat.
The time’s so empty.
A woman begged our llama for this.
Crazy llama war.

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