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Sat, Feb 26, 2011, by Maclanis

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Captchatrader is a site for those of you that could use some extra cash in their paypal account every week.

Many people find typing captcha’s a waste of time, and this can be the case when you already make like 500$ a month. When you’re in need of some quick cash, however, it can be a great online earning opportunity. So about a month ago I joined Captchatrader. The great thing about it is, is that you can install a plugin for Google Chrome, where a new window shows up and you can immediately type the captcha. That way, you can just do it while doing different things on the internet. You can doing it while clicking ptc’s, while chatting with your friends, while writing articles,… I’m doing it right now!

You get credits for the captcha’s you type, and 1 captcha is worth 7 credits. When you reach 10,000 credits you can ask for your payment and those 10,000 credits equal $1. They say that they pay in one to five days, but I have always received my payments in less than 5 hours, which is pretty amazing.

The captcha’s load pretty fast, and even if they don’t, you can install the plugin so you don’t have to be watching the page the whole time and wait for a captcha to come. You can also enable sound notifications.

You can also receive credits for your referrals. You get 1 credit for every captcha your referral types. I have referred 19 people to Captchatrader, though not every referral is as active.

Captchatrader pays through paypal, or you can ask for an amazon gift card when you reach $5 in your account.

If you want to see some extra cash in your paypal account every week, then you should give it a shot. Click here to join!

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  1. stine1 Says:

    I hope you know that you are typing those Captchas for a software that other people use to NOT have to type in those captchas, e.g. for cheating on PTC sites. Bots can’t type, so you are typing their captchas for them.
    I would really think about whether I want to do this…

  2. appleundich Says:

    can you show me the chrome plugin?, I can’t find it.

  3. Maclanis Says:

    When you go to earn credits, you can check the boxes “Enable Old Desktop Notifications” and “Audible Notifications”. Right above those you can see “Get the New Desktop Notifications for Google Chrome”. Just click that and follow the steps.

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