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Mon, Jul 5, 2010, by Xstrike

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The MyBB forum software is powerful to host any online community, MyBB offers several powerful plugins to add extra functions to your forum. This is a good list of top 10 best mods for MyBB.

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MyBB is a powerful, free, and open-source forum software capable of hosting almost any kind of online community. MyBB is pretty easy to configure, customize, and operate. One of the best and key features of MyBB though is it’s plugin system, MyBB uses plugins created by plugin developers to enhance your MyBB powered board with additional features. MyBB’s mods site offers tons of plugins to choose from for MyBB, here are some of the best plugins available.

(these plugins are compatible for MyBB 1.4.x, and are in no particular order)

UPDATE: For a list of MyBB 1.6 plugins, click here.

Google SEO

This is one of the best plugins for MyBB. This handy plugin is a Google Search Engine Optimization mod that will make your board more search engine friendly, such as enabling SEO meta tags, 404 errors, redirects, sitemap, and URL links, all which can be configured to your liking. One of the best settings is the Google SEO URL option, where you can change your MyBB stock links (  or into SEO friendly links. You can change the URL separator, URL uniquifier, and the URL schemes. For an example, a default thread URL scheme is, you can change this to be to shorten it. You will need to change your .htaccess file to reflect any changes you make with the Google SEO plugin. Once you have it all configured, it’ll certainly help your search engine rankings. I’ve written an article on how to install it here with screenshots.

Page Manager

This lets you create additional pages for your forum, you could create a completely functioning website with this. Page Manager gives you URLs in the form of, you can use your MyBB template’s header and footer together with the new page to integrated into your forum. You can also show your custom pages in the “Who’s Online” list, and you can enable, disable. or delete a page anytime. You can even import any other Page Manager pages to use on your board. You can use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other scripting languages to customize your pages. You will need to add these pages in your forum manually if you want people to view them, if you want a new page in the navigational bar, go into Admin CP > Templates & Styles > Templates > Default Templates > Header Templates > header.

Profile Comments

This will enable a simple profile comment system on your board, where members can leave comments on each others profiles. You can set the number of comments that appears on profiles. When you do receive a new comment, an alert bar will appear saying you have a new comment(s), you can change the text from the default. By default, you can edit and delete your own comments, while admins can edit and delete all comments. These settings can be changed.

Contact Us Form

Another simple plugin that replaces the Contact Us email link at the bottom of the page with a Contact Us page. Members and visitors can fill out a few fields to send a message to an email address you chose. You can edit the email address to where all the contact form messages will be sent to, and you can edit the subject of these messages so you know where they’re coming from. You can add valid subjects to the form so users can choose a subject before writing their message (ex: Site Feedback, Website Affiliation, Technical Support, etc). You can also enable auto responder to respond to a message after it’s sent. One small downside to this is there’s no protection against bots from using the form (like a human verification image, or CAPTCHA).


Speaking of CAPTCHA, this plugin when activated overrides the default MyBB CAPTCHA, providing a much more powerful protection against spambots. reCAPTCHA will appear during new member registrations and guest posting enabled forums. You will need to get a Public Key and Private Key to configure this, otherwise it won’t work. You can get these for free by signing up for the reCAPTCHA service.

Game Section

Perhaps you’re running a gaming forum, or would like a casual game section on your forum. This plugin makes it happen by installing a fully functioning flash games section on your board. Users can play any flash games added here, have high scores, and ratings. This plugin installs a new link in your forum’s navigational bar leading to the games section. In Admin CP, you can edit the game and key control descriptions for each game. Visit the Game Section community forums for flash games and extra mods you can use for this plugin.

MyPlaza Turbo

Although somewhat outdated, this plugin creates a very powerful and complex point system on your forum. You can configure it to add or remove points from members on your board in many different ways. This plugin comes with several modules to add additional features if activated. For example, you can activate the Income module where your members gain points by posting on the forums, or activate the Inventory module to add a gift shop to your board, so people can buy things with their points. This is a very customizable plugin to say the least.


This installs an advanced AJAX shoutbox which displays short user messages. You can use smilies, MyCode, and colors within the shoutbox, and also send private shouts to other users. Admins can ban users from using the shoutbox, and users can report shoutbox messages. These messages will appear in the Admin CP. Perhaps one of the fun things with this mod is speaking to the shoutbox bot, you can use shoutbox commands to speak to the bot. The bot has different moods, so it will react differently depending on it’s mood. It is not very intelligent, so don’t expect interesting conversations with it.

Undo Delete

With this plugin, you can restore any deleted posts, threads,  polls, and attachments. When this mod is installed, it will create a few new backup tables, each storing deleted content from your MyBB forum, so when something is deleted, it’ll be “saved” into a backup table. Go to Admin CP > Tools & Maintenance > Undo Delete and you’ll see all the deleted items here. You can click on individual tabs to view each category. For example, to restore a forum post, click the Posts tab to view all deleted posts. Check the status of the post: thread available, backup available, and thread not available. If the thread is available, you can restore it. You can also view deleted items before restoring them, and you can also truncate tables to remove all deleted items from that backup table.

Social Sharing Button

This little social bookmarking plugin adds an AddThis button on every post. making it easy to share forum announcements, events, or anything else important. You can edit the HTML code to use a different sharing button.

These are some of the best plugins/mods available to use for MyBB, and they’re very easy to install, which makes MyBB a very populer choice to use for forum software. All these plugins and more are free and can be found on MyBB’s mod website.

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  1. Green Says:

    MyBB may be an open source forum board but many usable mods or plugins are not free.

  2. dugu qiubai Says:

    I prefer phpBB for an open source forum board. At least with phpBB, you can manually insert the scripts within adminCP and they are readily available on the support site. phpBB has better support group than MyBB.

  3. T Says:

    with that said, phpbb sucks compared to MyBB. I have used both so I know! MyBB rules!

  4. vishal Says:

    phpbb sucks :D :D :D mybb is the best option ;)

  5. Ben Gordon Says:

    MyBB is a great free forum option but fees are associated with good plugins. However, these fees are usually less than $10 and there are 3 truly great websites that provide great plugins (one $10, another $10 and another $7) for a small fee of $27 all together! It’s much cheaper than any other paid forum software.

  6. Ben Gordon Says:

    I am sorry for the double post but I want to express my point. I am currently opening up a new forum that I am aiming to spend about $200 on for advertising to get it started. I am not hesitant at all about using myBB from my past experiences and comprehension of myBB’s success and quality.

    It is very simple yet powerful and very sleek looking. I would recommend myBB to all who want to use a free forum software.

  7. khairul Says:

    thanks mybb very best forum. if your layout like joomla it would be very perfect engine

  8. tech board Says:

    MyBB is really awesome forum software. Hope it can get better in next releases on UI front.

  9. Business Intelligence Says:

    I have tried most of the half of these mods and plugins, and they are great. Google SEO is a must, and the social sharing very powerful to spread links across the web !

  10. Piyush Says:

    My Shoutbox is an amazing plugin for mybb….

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