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Sat, May 8, 2010, by RisingStorm

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Some Search and Win Sites that are floating around on the Internet that can offer some amazing prizes such as items and gift cards just by searching or completing offers. This list is in no particular order.


A very popular search and win site that is becoming heavily expanded based on its numerous features. Allows users to rack up points or “Swag Bucks”, which they can trade in at the Swag store to obtain prizes such as games, clothes, posters and gift cards. Also allows referrals and special offers to get more points.

Heres the link to sign up:


Another decent search and win site which allows users to search and win points randomly on each search they conduct with the iRazoo toolbar. Has decent prizes such as PS3 and gift cards.

Heres the link to sign up: 


A unique search and win site that allows users to randomly earn prizes every time they conduct a search. So every search could potentially get you a free $15 Amazon gift card or even more. Plus, the search results are better than most search and win sites.

Heres the link to sign up:


Each search (limited to 150 a day) gives you a chance at instantly winning a prize. It’s based in the UK, but the search results are not limited to the UK. Prizes include iPods, Flat Screen Televisions, Amazon Gift Certificates and more. This search and win site is available worldwide.

Heres the link to sign up: 

Moola -

Not technically a search and win site, but it offers a very unique feature. Allows users to complete offers and refer others to get points, and then they are able to battle others in certain minigames to get even more points.

Heres the link to sign up: 

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