Best Private Channels for The Roku Digital Video Player

Fri, Jan 14, 2011, by Jennifer Claerr

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The Roku digital video player allows you to install channels to gain access to Internet movies, TV, radio, videos and other content. Private channels provide access to even more free content.

Private channels for the Roku digital video player are third-party applications that can provide more content for your Roku. In most cases, Roku private channels are free and allow you to connect to free movies, TV, videos and podcasts online. Here are several of the best private channels for the Roku digital video player. Roku private channels are not available in the channel store. You must obtain the codes to install these private channels on your Roku HD player.

The YouTube Channel

The Roku YouTube private channel lets you watch YouTube videos for free on your Roku digital video player. Video categories in this free Roku channel include top rated today, most viewed today, recently featured and recently added. You can enter your YouTube username in this private channel to access your subscriptions, follow list, playlist and favorites. The YouTube channel also has a search function to find your favorite videos. You can’t add videos to your YouTube account from this channel, but you can still add them on your computer for later viewing.

The Internet Archive Channel

The Internet Archive Roku private channel provides access to the wide range of free content on Categories include movies, TV shows, animations, music, audio books and short films. These categories are sorted by newest uploads, most downloaded, highest rated, show titles and more specific categories. The Internet Archive Roku private channel also provides a search engine for each category. Using this channel, you can watch many classic movies, TV shows and cartoons. You can also listen to independent and public domain music and audio books on this Roku channel.

The Pod TV Channel

The Pod TV private channel for the Roku digital video player includes free movie and TV from ABC, CBS, PBS, CNET, CNN, FOX News, HBO, C-SPAN, NASA, BBC, HGTV, MLB, NHL, NPR and much more. The Pod TV channel also provides local television, sports, religious and kids programming as well as Internet radio. You can find TV shows in categories such as sports, comedy, financial, news, astronomy and information. If you have an Internet connection over 4 or 5 Mbps, you can also watch certain Pod TV videos in HD.

The Channel

This Roku private channel is based on the application for the iPhone, and offers free access to full episodes and clips of TV shows both new and old . The private channel for the Roku features free TV shows from, CBS, CBS Sports, CBS News, Showtime, CHOW, Web Shows, The Insider, ET, MovieTrailers, StupidVideos and more. The TV episodes and clips available through the channel include reality TV, sci-fi, horror,  talk shows, comedies, dramas, news and sports.

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