Are Websites Like Prizerebel and Rewards1, Scams?

Mon, Dec 28, 2009, by Mo Mo

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Websites like Prize Rebel say that they give you free rewards like X-box 360 games and all that, but is that really true?

I have used Prize Rebel before, and let me just tell you that it does not scam at all. I have tried Rewards1, but Prize rebel has more prizes to get, and you can order custom prizes! Also Rewards1 was a bit harder for me to use then good old Prize Rebel. But if you do want to use Rewards1, then I’m sorry because i have no tips for that =(.

It is very easy to get rewards on Prize Rebel! But if you want some thing that’s like a hundred dollars (100 points on prize rebel)  then you have a long way to go. I use prize rebel to get small rewards like $10 Runescape memberships (9 points on prize rebel).

Though it is not impossible to get 100 points or more, it’s pretty easy if you have a prepaid cellphone. Just make sure you have less than $9.99 on your phone’s balance (so you don’t get charged the monthly fees). You then go to the cell phone offers page and start doing offers. When you receive your PIN, enter it on the website and wait until you get the points (the offer description will tell you how long to wait). Once you get the points, text stop (This is where it might get tricky, look at the terms and conditions usually located at the bottom of the page, it tells you to either text STOP or Stop or stop. There is a difference so pay good attention to that!) You text stop, Stop, or STOP to the message that gave you the PIN. Now you got points, and only used a few cents for text messaging and not the $9.99 monthly charge! Cell phone offers usually give the most amount of points and are the easiest to do!

Again I’m telling you right now that Prize Rebel is not a scam! It is real, if your wondering how they get the money, its by their advertisements and they barely have employees.

Just join now and get those little things you always wanted, whether its memberships to your favorite games or X-box live cards! They don’t give JUST game things, but other stuff too like prepaid cellphone cards, they even let you choose your own prizes that are on e-bay and amazon, because they handle custom prizes! No you do not pay for shipping! And yes the prizes come really fast, usually in about 3 days, not including weekends though.


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  3. abbey Says:

    If you have lots of free time, it’s not bad. You fill out surveys and whatnot and people post guides for some of the offers. There’s no entering credit card information and I’m kind of enjoying If you do decide to join, here’s a link:

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