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Mon, Nov 14, 2011, by Hayyan Abdullah

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How to earn the most from the Paid To Play Games!

There are two most popular games on the internet from which people are earning without any limit. How they earn so much? And how much do they actually earn per month or weeks?

Well here is the answer, Yes they do earn a lot from games like Anno1777 and Market Glory, and even without any referrals and they earn like 20-120 Euros a Month from these games and some people earn even more than that. Well the only choice you have to earn that much is by either spending a lot of time at the website or you can invest in the start to give you a boost and open a company, Once you’ve earned 10 Euro you can open a company, now everything is upto to decide what kind of company you want to open. If there are lots of people in your country who wants to buy clothes, food, weapons or anything that is not available in the local market then its a good oppurtunity for you to get good customers. Make sure that the price of product is more than the cost price and its a profit for you per every peice. For example, I own a restaurant in Anno1777 Pakistan region, its called Pakilicious, Its the one and only restaurant in Pakistan so my food is the only food available in the local market. I purchased a Q5 Tool to produce food which costed me 2.8 Euro. The tool can produce 5000 pieces. So once my food is sold the least profit will be of 20-100 Euros depending on the price. If I sell all the food for 3 Pkr profit per each piece which is a cheap price then 3×5000= 15000 Pkr, which is equal to 31 Euro in game which means my first profit will be 30 Euro and so on. It is said that in Market Glory people can earn 7 times more than in Anno but for that you need to spend more than a year there and invest more money so when compared both are equal. 

I prefer that you join these sites if your not already aware of them and see for yourself. Everything is upto you, you can either play a normal game or earn profit with no limits, the rest is upto the local market and international both, if they buy your products at a high price then you have earned yourself a fortune. If there are people working in your company everyday then your profit can be cashed out within days but if there are less people then it will take months but profit is assured in short or long term. So if you can invest thats great if you can’t then its no problem.

There is only one secret to the game, it is a very famous phrase called PATIENCE IS VIRTUE remember that and that is also the key to success in these games. Most people join and they leave as they don’t understand it, while the ones who are earning profits keep on referring it to other people. So all you have to do is just join and take your time to fully understand this game, it will only take a week to understand for a fool and a day or two for a normal person. If you join through my referral link then I will guide you throughout this game and promise you your first cash out as soon as possible. 

Here is the link of my blog: , there you will find two tabs with Anno1777 and Market Glory. Click on them and there are the referral links to join these games and further information in detail.

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  1. kakikukeko Says:

    Do you also use the anno1777 cheat about private island hack? It displays all private islands real time in a table. You will know population, resources, regions, companies under it and even the houses available for rent. Its cool. Download and extract. Run the PrivateIslandHack

  2. Hayyan Abdullah Says:

    What will I do if I know all that?

  3. Kaldoverde Says:

    I have started a website with a wiki to help new Market Glory players understand how the game works. Feel free to visit it if you don’t understand the game straight away.

  4. moneyshaker Says:

    You should try it is the best game of this type.

  5. Hayyan Abdullah Says:

    Does pay?

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