A Review: Tube Train – a Points2shop Referral System

Sun, Oct 3, 2010, by Jacob Arensus

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I will outline a view of Tube Train, a manual and automated traffic system for use with points2shop and it’s referral system.

The Tube Train website states:

What is Tube Train?

Tired of not getting hits on your youtube videos you worked really hard on in hopes of getting refferals? not anymore! Climb aboard the Tube Train and let us do the work for you. Tube Train will turn your barely viewed videos into a great referral strategy!

Tube Train is an integrated refferal solution that combines both manual and automated processes to drive traffic from a youtube channel to points2shop with the sole intention of generating refferal cash for our members. Tube Train was created by points2shop users, for points2shop users and combines the tactics used by some of the top refferers of the entire system! It was built to earn YOU money.

And this is true. They use both manual submission processes (to earn more backlinks for client SEO boosts) and automated processes (youtube scripts) to legally and efficiently increase a referral link or website traffic through the youtube medium. Yes, they will upload the video you produce to other sites such as metacafe, but the traffic automation is tops. As an affiliate with them, I am 100% confident.

To check out Tube Train Go Here.

They also have a brand new community forum located here.

In the forum you can talk to other Tube Train or points2shop members about earning strategies or referral strategies. It also is a good place to post for the Oppinion Offer on Points2Shop (50 pts, $0.50).

Although this is a new site, and still being updated regularly, it is a refreshing new community that im sure will do well.

Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0

Be sure to also check out SickFreeStuff where you can learn to earn things off of Amazon.com with a brand new, easy to use, and FUN GPT (get-paid-to) site! You can earn anything like free Halo Reach, free starcraft 2, even free Microsoft Points. I also like this site, and I love the fact that I am starting to learn how to use the internet more efficiently to earn what I want.

Jacob, out!

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    if this really works its going to be epic god bless you sir great post

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    Oh man thank you so much!

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