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Mon, Mar 1, 2010, by Stewies Corner

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The Feb 28 war.
The initial attack was started on February 28th 2010. Will any more attacks follow in the war between funny junk and 4chan?

Funny Junk is a website that lets users submit funny images and videos. It has been around for along time, although it is not as popular as 4Chan.

4Chan is the largest forum on the internet. It is known for creating 90% of internet memes. From the “I heard you like Mudkips” to “its over 9000″. And don’t forget lolcats and Pedo bears. 4Chan is also known for their war on Scientology and their abusive hacking and DOS attacks.

These sites are both community controlled, so the announcement of the threat of an invasion into Funny Junk by 4Chan began as a warning by a member of 4Chanr. They seem to be worried about the traffic Funny Junk are getting.

The war is built for entertainment, since both sites offer users so much anonymity, its a war that shows the user support of each sites.

On 28th February 2010, 4Chan made their first attack on Funny junk, posting new images and invading Funny junk with 4Chan content. 

Funny Junk has fought by defended themselves; saying how much of a failure the attack was, and instead of hurting them, brought them more traffic.

4Chan are persistent, once they set a goal they don’t back down easily, sooner or later, another attack is likely to follow.

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  1. steve Says:

    Their attack is successful, you cannot connect to http://www.funnyjunk.com at this time.

  2. Stewies Corner Says:

    It must have been an attack after, because after the first attack, I was able to go on it since this article and your comment. And it is up now too.

  3. Anon Says:

    Funnyjunk sucks

  4. anon1 Says:

    yo other anon, crawl back into the pit u call 4chan and dont return until ur balls have dropped, comprende muchacho?

  5. anany Says:

    The attack was a total failure I noticed like one or two extra trolls and then never heard about it again

  6. FunnyjunkFTW Says:

    Funny Junk FTW!!

  7. dsfdsf Says:

    For now on, don’t use the word “attack”, because you cannot punch someone physically through the internet.

  8. Stewies Corner Says:

    @ dsfdsf

    Here are some definitions of Attack;

    to direct unfavorable criticism against; criticize severely; argue with strongly: He attacked his opponent’s statement.

    to try to destroy, esp. with verbal abuse: to attack the mayor’s reputation.

    the beginning or initiating of any action; onset.

    an aggressive move in a performance or contest.

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