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Mon, Oct 13, 2008, by Graeme S Houston

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There are 30 more websites here, again covering every aspect of the human condition from art to science. Herein are websites you would never have thought to go out looking for. They were randomly selected and randomly put together so clicking the links at random should complete the experience nicely.

The Wayback Machine

One of the most awesome websites on the Internet is the Wayback machine. The Internet Archive is tasked with the very difficult task of archiving the ‘web’ or at least as much of it as is physically possible so that a record is left for scholars and indeed future generations of what the Internet was like, how it developed, and of course all the amazing content that would otherwise be lost!

The UDF SkyWalker

The UDF SkyWalker is a brilliant web application that lets you peer into the depths of the universe from the comfort of your living room. The Ultra Deep Field images obtained by the Hubble Space Telescope are an awesome glimpse at the known edge of the universe. As the deepest view into the sky by humankind to date it something that anyone with the slightest ounce of curiosity will find themselves playing with. The application lets the user pan around a combined image with 800 frames and a total exposure time of 1 million seconds. Visible in this are ten thousand galaxies that date from times when the universe was a mere 800 million years old (in comparison with it’s current age of 13.5billion years).

Sky Scanner

The world is ever more interconnected and open. Visiting the other side of the world is no longer the long dangerous voyage into the unknown it used to be. In fact it’s almost too quick these days. Find cheap flights using sky scanner.

Ancient History

Since the BBC no doubt sees a lot of programs made for UK TV Channels about ancient history, who better to provide an excellent web resource for those who are interested in the ancients.

Writer’s Mugs

Excellent sketches of fascinating people, made even more valuable by the inclusion of a quotation from each. From Nelson Mandela to Jimi Hendrix, and from Kafka to Albert Einstein the portraits. An interesting and stimulating website.

Another Magazine

Magazine Publishers in general fall into two categories. Those who ‘get’ the web, and those who shun it as something terrifying. Fortunately Another Magazine falls into the former, with excellent use of the Internet as a medium.

Moon Phase

A rocky sphere with a land mass the size of Africa; the moon is a fascinating part of our universe. Tides are held in its sway. Insects navigate using the sunlight reflected from it. Our imaginations are drawn to it. The superstitious among us believe that it exerts a mysterious influence over us. This website shows you the waxing and waning of the moon along with interesting data.

Mr Picassohead

For sheer unadulterated “messing about on the Internet” what purer form of time wasting than making a Mr Potatoheadesque Picasso painting.

Unix Tutorials

More and more people these days are using Linux and other flavors of Unix, so sites like this one that offer tutorials for these alternative operating systems will come in handy. There’s tutorials for all the major distributions including Open SUSE, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, and Puppy Linux to mention but a few.


A social travel site with hot travel news, encyclopaedic airline information, social networking, flights, photo sharing and more. If you like to travel then this is the place for you.

Space Sounds

Radio signals converted into audible sound so that we can then appreciate the patterns that lie within each signal. Ever wanted to hear what Saturn’s Rings sound like, or listen to the signal coming from the x-ray jet of a black hole? Ever been curious what a pulsar sounded like, or wanted to hear the debris of the big bang? There aren’t many sounds, but what is there will blow you away!


IMVU is one of the world’s most effective 3D chat software. It works in a similar manner to MSN messenger except that users can create their own avatar, who then stands in virtual rooms and acts as a projection of the user in the virtual space. Users can customize their avatar, buy new clothes, buy new rooms and furniture for the rooms, and even craft their own products to sell to other IMVU users through the catalog (most of the content on IMVU is user generated). Because it doesn’t try to be anything other than a 3D messenger, it works and works well! And it works on older computers too.

Number Nut

Interested in maths? Know someone who’s studying maths? This is an excellent website with a lot of sections concerning numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages. Worth checking out, if, of course, you haven’t already dashed off in the other direction at mention of the M word?

Andrej Belic undersea photography

A selection of photographs from Andrej Belic of the hauntingly beautiful realm beneath the waves. Well worth looking at, as the pictures are all stunningly beautiful and inspiring, it makes you want to book the next flight east…


Here is a website that lists a comprehensive selection of drawing lessons. Indeed, it has an amazing number of lessons. The only drawback is you have to register before you can access them. Otherwise it is a superb resource.

Famous Quotes

There are tons and tons of quotes sites on the Internet. An absolute myriad of them. Some are more useful than others. Famous quotes deserves a special mention for the effort that was made getting it to look the part! And it really does look the part.

Busted Tees

Forget a 3 pack of plain white T-shirts. Forget brand loyalty, stop inadvertently advertising sports companies like nike and adidas. Why not let your t-shirt speak for you? Busted Tees is the place to go for t-shits that say what you want them to say. Most of the t-shirts are so awesome that this website is well worth a look even if you’re only window shopping.


Making stuff has exploded in popularity lately, thanks to the ease of finding instructions to make anything via the Internet.

Words in English

The English language is a mixture of various European languages, and is spoken widely all around the world. This website includes various sections that cover; its history, structure, usage, meaning, and some excellent resources for anyone who’s interested in the language and where it came from.


Inhabitat is a weblog devoted to design practices and innovation that push architecture and design forward towards a more sustainable paradigm.

Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art Gallery

Just when you thought there was nothing left on the Internet that could shock or surprise you, along comes Scott Wade to prove you wrong!

Cuter by the hour

A website entirely devoted to cute furry little animals it lives up to its name by getting cuter every hour. Awwwwwwwww….

Free Audio Books at Thought Audio

Fancy reading (or to be more precise having read to you) The Call of the Wild by Jack London,or perhaps Sidhartha by Herman Hesse? Thought Audio have a number of free audio books available from their website. Well worth checking out.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the largest and most successful of all the projects aiming to digitize books. Over 25,000 books have so far been digitized and released into the public domain.

Jazzy FM

Like Jazz music? Then try out Jazz FM for Jazz on Internet radio. Listen to the likes of David Sanborn, Hugh Masekela, Pieces of a Dream, Kirk Whalum, Bob Baldwin, Joe Sample, and Joyce Cooling.

Photos That Changed the World

The title says it all. Photos that changed the world contains a collection of photographs that changed the world, from the earliest surviving photograph, to the first photograph posted on the Internet, and from children starving to a photo of the earth rising above the horizon on the moon; this is an unmissable collection of key historical moments.

Tutorials at GFX artists.com

These tutorials cover everything from airbrushing landscapes to skin tones. Excellent resource!

You Fell Asleep Watching a DVD

Anyone who’s ever fell asleep watching a DVD knows the bizarre, twilight zone experiences that can occur. Once the film finishes, it invariably cuts to the title screen where a tune and some video clips loop continuously. This effects your dreams and causes a strange sensation akin to the universe bundling itself back up into a ball and posting itself to the multiverse two doors down. This website recreates the experience rather well! (a little too well).

Fractal World Gallery

Fractal World Gallery is a very large collection of fractals; hauntingly beautiful mathematical structures that are revealed to us by computers (the Mandelbrot set being the most famous example). The fractals hosted here are mainly of the fractal flame variety.

English Fail Blog

The English Fail Blog includes examples of terrible English from around the world.

Bonus Section

We’ve now hit 30, and yet are still going strong. A big thank you to those who commented on the last 30 websites article and who offered suggestions of their own favourite website tips. Here are some of the suggestions.


Are you a writer? Got manuscripts sitting in slush piles around the world? Well here’s a new concept from Harper Collins, upload your manuscript onto the website, and let readers read it and rate it. If it does well they might even publish it. It’s their latest tool in the search for publishable content. Interesting idea, though it’s a questionable one.

A big thank you to D Thompson for suggesting it!

Story Mash

The future of collaborative fiction has arrived in the form of Story Mash, a website that allows authors to collaborate together in the writing of fiction, and allows for the possibility of making money from their content as well as cash prizes.

A big thank you to Chris for suggesting it!


Edufire is a Live Video Learning website where you can learn practically anything, or you can tutor others and make some money. Brilliant concept that has a bright future ahead of it.

A big thank you to Alexis for suggesting it!


Babbel is a social language learning website where you can pick up languages and help others to learn. The social aspect of the website aids learning and boosts motivation. Ideal if you are a language student.

A big thank you to Alexis for suggesting this one also!

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    This list is a great resource for me, thank you very much for putting this together. I have to say that I am a member on a few of the sites (babbel & edufire) and they are truly wonderful sites

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    Thanks so much for the suggestions. I have been taking lessons on http://www.edufire.com for months now, and love it. I will be checking out a couple of sites that you listed here, that I have not heard of though. I am an avid crafter so http://www.craftster.org is at the top of my list. Thanks again for posting!

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    These are great sites. I’m interested in viewing the universe so I will be visiting some of the sites here.

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