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Thu, May 13, 2010, by bearhugs

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LOTS of username ideas for Twitter, YouTube, MSN chat, Yahoo chat, email address and MySpace! These are good username ideas that you will enjoy if you like to have a cute username. Have fun with these username ideas!

I have written several articles about cute usernames….because I really enjoy them!  Here are 229 cute username ideas for you!  There are many ideas for username in here, choose the name you like the most!  How do you have a cute username, a cute profile or a cute online identity?  The first thing to do is to have a cute name!  This is what this list is all about.  I put cute words in pairs, feel free to mix and match them to get the cutest combination that you like.

Since cute usernames are always taken very fast, the name you like may not be available anymore.  In that case, try to vary the name a little bit by adding extra letters or numbers.  Or you can intentionally change the spelling to make your username even more unique.  

These usernames ideas are perfect for online chat, forums, email address, or as your nickname in social networking sites.  If you are looking for a cute username idea for Twitter, YouTube, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, Gmail, ICQ…you will enjoy these ideas for username!

Angel Cuddles

Angel Doodie

Angel Dude

Angel Dudette

Angel Dudie

Angel Hearts

Angel Snuggles

Baby Doll

Baby Doodles

Baby Sunshine

Beary Chocolatey

Beary Cute

Beary Fun

Beary Pretty

Beary Pweety

Beary Special

Beary Sweet

Beary Yummy

Best Friends Forever

Birdie Tweet

Blue Bunny

Bubble Delights

Bubblegum Burst

Butterfly Cuddles

CandyCane Sprinkles

Charming Bear

Cheese Balls

Cherry Caramel

Cherry Peaches

Cherry Pie Blossoms

Cherry Vanilla

Choco Beans

Choco Blitz

Chocolate Beans

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Delights

Chocolate Devil

Chocolate Drizzles

Chocolate Forever

Chocolate Popsicles

Chocolate Twirls

Chunky Chocolate

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Sugar

Coco Cupcake

Coconut Cupcakes

Cool Pink

Cream Puffs

Cuddly Kitten

Cupcake 4ever

Cupcake Doodie

Cupcake Dude

Cupcake Dudette

Cupcake Dudie

Cupcake Forever

Cupcake Heaven

Cute Popsicles

Cutesie Apple Pie

Cutesie Bunny

Cutesie Petals

Cutesie Puppy

Cutesie Rainbow

Cutie Bear

Cutie Butterfly

Cutie Dragon

Cutie Penguin


Dixie Doodles

Fairy Godmother

Fizzy Pops

Flip Flops

Forever N Ever

Friends Forever

Fruitie Cupcakes

Fruitie Pebbles

Fruitie Popsicles

Fruitie Sprinkles

Fruity Cupcakes

Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Popsicles

Fruity Sprinkles

Fuzzy Bears

Fuzzy Peaches

Girl Power

Girlie Power

Girlie Sunshine

Girls Rule

Girly Sunshine

Gold Stars

Golden Flower

Happy Bear

Happy Hugs

Happy McHappy

Hello Cupcakes

Honey Dreams

Honey Hugs

Honey Luv

Honey Peaches

Honey Popsicles

Honey Sprinkles

Honey Sunshine

HoneyDew Sprinkles

Hot Chocolate

Hot Fudge Sundae

Hug Snuggles

Hugs 4ever

Ice Cream Scoops

Jelly Cream Sprinkles

Jumpin Jellies

Lemon Cakes

Lemon Drops

Little Miss Cupcakes

Little Mouse

Lollilop N Popcorn

Lollipop Muffins

Lolly Pops



Love 4ever

Love Bug

Lovie Dude

Lovie Hugs

Luv 4ever

Luv Bear

Luv Bug

Luv Hugs

Luv Kisses


Magic Box

Magic Mouse

Magic Pink

Magic Popsicles

Magic Surprise

McHappy Pants

Miss Cupcakes

Missie Cupcakes

Mmm chocolates

Mmm cupcakes

Muah Muah

Neon Pink

Oohh La La

Peach Angels

Peach Honey

Peach Muffins

Peanut Butter Cups

Pebble Delights

Pink Blossoms

Pink Bunny

Pink Buttons

Pink Candles

Pink Cotton Candy

Pink Doodie

Pink Dude

Pink Dudette

Pink Dudie

Pink Glitter

Pink Lace

Pink Magic

Pink Magix

Pink Mouse

Pink Pearls

Pink Pebbles

Pink Ponytail

Pink Popsicles

Pink Power

Pink Raspberry

Pixie Doodles

Pixie Pops

Pretty Bling Blings

Pretty Rainbow

Pretty Raindrops

Pretty Thing

Princess 4ever

Purple Blossoms

Pweetie Butterfly

Pweetie Flower

Pweetie Girl

Pweetie in Pink

Pweetie Penguin

Pweetie Pumpkin

Pweetie Special

Rainbow Buttons

Rainbow Candles

Rainbow Peaches

Raindrop Sparkles

Raspberry Dream

Raspberry Sunshine


Seven Stars

Smilee Bear

Smilee Sunshine

Smiley Bear

Smiley Stars

Smiley Sunshine

Soap Bubbles

Soft n Cuddly

Soo Cute

Soo Pretty

Soo Pweety

Soo Sweet

Sparkly Hearts

Sprinkle Cupcakes

Strawberry Dreams

Strawberry Scoops

Strawberry Sunshine

Strawberry Twirls

Sugary Dreams

Sunshine Bear

Sunshine Cuddles

Sunshine Honey

Sunshine Snuggles

Sweet Hearts

Sweet Jelly

Sweet Nothings

Sweet Peaches

Sweet Somethings

Sweetie Pie Blossoms

Sweetie Pie Cupcake

Sweetie Pie Muffin

Sweetie Suggles

Sweetie Sunshine

Swirlie Twirls

Tiny Mouse

Tiny Stars


Tweet Hearts

Tweetie Hearts

Vanilla Cupcakes

Yummy Yumm

4ever and ever

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  1. Jeffrey Says:

    No offense…..but I’m not looking for hello kitty online names….

  2. mee Says:

    no offence intended, but these suk.

  3. sugar coated death Says:

    these cant you think of anything else besides rainbows and lollipops get your fish head out of the clouds and think of some goth emo and punk user names ya know kids these days really dont want baby user names. so just stop making ones if no one likes them because well you suck.

  4. Mar Says:

    Umm we need goth/emo/scene because no one is a “Frilly butterfly” or a “Pink Cupcake” sorry but NO ONE uses these names no a days.

  5. darla Says:

    these are shitty as fuck. nobody is gonna use these. we’re not fucking 5 years old.

  6. It Dont Matter Says:

    This shitt is retarted !

  7. Yo Mama Says:

    This shit hella dumb !

  8. Klassic Says:

    Well,there is a kids website called KW.com. Some kids have these kind of usernames and I think it is funny!

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