11 Wacky Websites You Can’t Pass Up

Sat, Aug 2, 2008, by Lost in Arizona

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If you’re ever bored and feel the need to waste time, these sites are for you.

Ah technology. You have to love it. Especially the computer and the Internet. Other than TV, where else can you go for countless hours of free entertainment? Of course the net also contains some pretty weird junk that loves to draw you in, and makes you leave wondering why. Kind of like a drunken one-night stand. Here are some really weird websites that will indulge your kicks and giggles.


Stefano’s work was actually featured in TIME’s picture of the week. If you ever feel the need to buy a corpse, look no further. But don’t worry, feel free to donate grandma’s body to science. She won’t be used as a Halloween prop. These bodies are made from latex. And the creepy part, other than the fact that they look real, is that you can have one made to your specifications.

Alien Abductions Incorporated

I know there are people out there who believe they have been abducted. And I know I shouldn’t laugh at their stories. But with a site like this, you just make it so frickin’ easy. If you want to know if you’ve ever been abducted, take the Abductalizer test. These questions will confirm whether or not aliens have gone where no man has gone before.

Mr. Methane

Only on the Internet can you find crap like this. There’s an actual word for what Mr. Methane does. It’s called petomane (fart artiste). And if you want to sample his work before you buy the CD, you can. I must admit, I did listen to the 1812 Overture out of curiosity. I’m still snickering when I think about it. God help me for laughing.


This guy clearly has been taking too many drugs. He believes he has created everlasting immortality. And if you buy his rings, you will never age again. And if that isn’t corny enough, try his gorgeous pill. It supposedly makes you look hotter then a supermodel.

Awful Plastic Surgery

Check out this site before you decide to get that plastic surgery. Here are many reasons why one nose job is enough, and why you really shouldn’t get boobs that weren’t meant for your body frame. And quite frankly, the pictures of Madonna scare me. I’ll be sleeping with Mr. Snuggles tonight.


Actually I was once a fan of this site back in college. Where else can you pop a frog or gerbil in a blender without animal rights activists getting all over your ass about it. And Superfly is a classic.


These people actually believe they are aliens from the planet Fluvio. And they have decided to contact us through where else, the Internet. Beats an anal probe any day. And here’s the kicker, they invade us through our babies and eventually become one of us. Huh?


The site says it all. Yes we all burp and fart. But where can you go when you’re just itching to hear someone fart on command? People have actually taken the time to record their farts and burps and post them on line, women included. Even famous people have done it (albeit their cartoons). Admittingly I laughed at the Elmo and Homer farts. I suppose I’m childish like that.

Strange Facts

This is a site devoted to, what else, strange facts. All the information here will provide you with many minutes of boredom free entertainment, if not mind-numbing, drooling vegetation.

Thomas J. Elpel’s Web Portal

Would you like to learn how to cook bugs? Well now you can. Here you can learn how to cook grasshoppers, or perhaps you’d like to collect ant pupae for munchies. You can order books to learn how to cook up some fine tasting critters, or just subscribe to their newsletter. Cricket kabobs anyone?


Okay, this one is completely juvenile on my part. And I still can’t stop laughing at this moment. For any of you that don’t know what a dutch oven is, it’s when you pas gas under the covers, and pull it over your partner’s head while in bed. But this site has nothing to do with dutch oven torture. It’s just a site for how to cook with a dutch oven. They actually have some good recipes.

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