102 Things to Do When You’re Sad, Lonely, or Bored

Sat, Apr 30, 2011, by Olive Gardener

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Being sad, lonely, and bored is truly upsetting and so I have put together a list of things that you can do to stop being sad, lonely, or bored when you are.

1.    Call a friend

2.    Do your nails

3.    Buy something you wanted when you were a kid.

4.    Call your mother and tell her that you got married last night and didn’t tell her

5.    Cry until you fall asleep

6.    Play video games

7.    Eat a bar of Chocolate

8.    Close your eyes, open the fridge, and pull out three things. Make a sand which out of them and eat it

9.    Watch TV

10.  Listen To Music

11.  Dance Crazy

12.  Go into stores find something crazy expensive, put it down, tell the clerk you’re going to get your wallet and then don’t come back

13.  Go on Facebook and look up your first boyfriend then ask him if he remembers you

14.  Do a prank phone call

15.  Buy a silly hat

16.  Wear the silly hat all around town

17.  Wear a fake mustache all day and pretend like you’re not

18.  Get really dressed up and go on a date with an empty chair in your kitchen.

19.  Google “silly images”

20.  Google “bad jokes”

21.  Do Sudoku

22.  Go to a store and talk to the clerk until she/he tells you to leave

23.  Go to a speed McDonald’s and try to take a really long time.

24.  Look at old pictures

25.  Look at old pictures with a friend

26.  Paint a picture

27.  Paint your walls

28.  Buy a pig

29.  Give the pig a bath

30.  Buy a mini giraffe

31.  Teach it to kiss you

32.  Read this list

33.  Watch a comedy movie

34.  Go out in a trench coat and a fedora and pretend you’re a detective

35.  Sit in a coffee shop while drinking a cup of coffee REALLY slowly

36.  Sit in a restaurant by the window and watch the people

37.  Look at cars out your window

38.  Go on-line and play games

39.  Go in a magazine and find a house, a family, a car, etc and make it your dream

40.  Go on match.com

41.  Read poetry on Olive Gardener’s profile at http://www.triond.com/users/Olive+Gardener

42.  Start a garden

43.  Stand outside with a sign that says “Spare a hug?”

44.  Stand outside with a sign that says “Free hugs!”

45.  Go to a carnival

46.  Go to an amusement park

47.  Buy a giant lollipop

48.  Learn to whistle

49.  Go to a zoo and ask if you can buy the giraffe, if they say no try really hard to negotiate with them

50.  Flirt with the clerk at a dead convenient store

51.  Make a list of your own–I promise it will make you laugh

52.  Look at a world record book

53.  Read a novel

54.  Buy a new pair of shoes

55.  Buy a container of ladybugs and set them free on your lawn (they are good for your lawn and you can wish on them)

56.  Catch fireflies

57.  Go swimming

58.  Go surfing

59.  Build a sandcastle

60.  Make plans for a home renovation

61.  Start a home renovation project

62.  Call a hot line

63.  Call the rejection hot line

64.  Eat a bowl of cereal

65.  Write a song

66.  Sketch a picture

67.  Try and paint a self portrait

68.  Write a poem

69.  Set up a scavenger hunt

70.  Organize a community event

71.  Cook cupcakes

72.  Give away cookies

73.  Make some brownies

74.  Bring me a victory cake

75.  Bring someone else a victory cake

76.  Bake a birthday cake and deliver it to a random stranger on the sidewalk

77.  Sing to your random stranger

78.  Give yourself a spa day

79.  Get a facial

80.  Go to Hershey’s chocolate world

81.  Go to Disney World

82.  Go to Disney Land

83.  Buy a boat

84.  Go sailing

85.  Learn to windsurf

86.  Learn to juggle

87.  Dig a large hole in the back yard and invite someone over, when they ask what the hole is get all surprised and make up a story like a meteor must have hit, or someone must have been trying to dig a grave, or that your husband has actually gone over with his attempt at digging to the mantle of the earth!

88.  Buy a pet bird

89.  Feed your pet bird an apple

90.  Teach your pet bird to drink coffee

91.  Talk a walk

92.  Listen to the air

93.  Look at the clouds

94.  Appreciate nothing

95.  Think about why you are sad and then realize it won’t stay that way

96.  Ask yourself who you are

97.  Write a letter to a long lost friend

98.  Thank your parents for giving birth to you

99.  Thank your friends for staying by your side

100.               Look up pictures of cows.

101.               Go to a restaurant that sings a birthday song and tell them it’s your birthday even if it’s not.

102.               Consider seriously attempting everything on the list especially #41, #94, and  #30/31 :)

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  1. Rosettaartist1 Says:

    Some funny ones there – gotta go buy a pig right now. LOL!

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