10 Weird Websites You Should Know About

Thu, May 22, 2008, by valli

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Some of the website designs are just asking to be called crazy. Although there are many such sites, here is a list of 10 which I found to be especially weird.

  1. CrazyThoughts

    Ever asked questions like these: Why doesn’t glue stick to the inside of the bottle? Can you cry under water? Can bald people have Hairline fractures? You can find a number of such crazy and unanswered questions in this website.

  2. VeryGross.com

    This website has a collection of many links of websites which allow you to send very gross stuff like virtual vomits, curses, burps, farts, boogers etc. to your family members, friends and enemies.

  3. Stupid.com

    Considered by many as the most stupid website on the net (as its name suggests!), this site offers stupidity in many sections like pics, toys, gifts and even vintage stupidity. If you want to check how stupid can things get, this is the site for you.

  4. Rotten.com

    With a caption of “Pure Evil Since 1996”, this website offers collection of most disgusting and gruesome pictures on the net, leaving the viewer with a “truly unpleasant experience” as they describe it. Just a word of caution: This site has a bit of adult oriented content as well.

  5. Not Mensa: Society of Idiots

    This website has many tests which are designed to measure the stupidity of idiots. The members of this site have an IQ of less than 78.2 and can share point less hobbies.

  6. DirtySounding.com

    This website has a huge list of names (of people) which sound dirty.

  7. Worst-Jobs.com

    This website receives letters from people all around the world about their jobs and votes for the worst job. Just go and check the entries there and you find your job much better now.

  8. FunBureau.com

    This is the first organization that solves the question of what happens to missing single socks. It offers support for the matching sock deprived.

  9. Om Nom Nom Nom

    This website offers you some images to look at, and warns that you should keep saying “omnomnomnom” aloud while looking at these pictures. If not, it claims that you are doing it wrong! Completely crazy!

  10. SendInsults.com

    ““You’re so ugly, when you pass by the toilet, it flushes itself”. “Your mama is so stupid that when you were born, she looked at your umbilical cord and said, “Wow, it comes with cable too!””. “You are so dumb that you need a recipe to boil water”. You can send such humorous insults to your enemies, friends or family members through this website. Just choose the line you want to send and an image to be sent along with it, and give the mail ID of your friends/family members.

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  1. Vintage_Cynic Says:

    nice, funny list of websites. I liked it. Feel free to check out some of my articles as well!!! I’ll continue to read yours and hopefully enjoy them just as much as I enjoyed this one. Thanks.

  2. IcyCucky Says:

    Funny list of websites..

  3. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    Thanks! Take care!

  4. Rana Sinha Says:

    Great! I’m sending this around.. to all my creepy friends!

  5. Gerlaine Says:

    This is a hot article.

  6. Dee Huff Says:


  7. Alexa Gates Says:

    this funny! I want to visit some of these sites :)

  8. valli Says:

    Thank you Vintage_Cynic, Icy, Chan, Rana, Gerlaine, Dee, Alexa.

  9. Nelson Doyle Says:

    Dark collection of weird websites. I try to avoid rotten.com, because I do not like seeing evil acts towards anything or anyone.

    Stupid is a cool website. I have been there many times, just checking out all of the stupid, but admittingly stupid novelties.

    God Bless,

    Nelson Doyle

  10. Anne Lyken-Garner Says:

    I think these will bring a lot of pleasure to a lot of people

  11. Moses Ingram Says:

    Very interesting.

  12. Ruby Hawk Says:

    There must be something for everyone.

  13. vardananda Says:

    Interesting list, Valli!

    I will try NotMensa and see where I stand!


  14. swc Says:

    lol i actually visited 2 of those before i saw this

  15. nobert soloria bermosa Says:

    very interesting valli.thanks

  16. valli Says:

    Thank you Nelson, Anne, Moses, Ruby, Vardananda, swc and Nobert for reading and commenting.

  17. Salim Says:

    Very interesting sites

  18. panickstricken Says:

    Some good ideas here!

  19. Kheng Says:

    Wow, interesting list. Thanks.

  20. theangusburger Says:

    this looks preety good!
    some of these sites are just weird.

  21. valli Says:

    Thank you Salim, Panickstricken, Kheng and Theangusburger.

  22. Pedro Pacheco Says:

    Extremely funny hehe… liked the send insults one!

  23. Sun Meilan Says:

    Amazing what is available on the web these days. How did we survive without it?!

  24. Rotten.com makes for a rotten list Says:

    What the hell!! A site filled with photo’s of mauled, decapitated and mutilated human bodies.

    What where you thinking!!!

  25. Syahid A. Says:

    Haha. I don’t know that there is even an alter-ego site for Mensa! :D

  26. Zoe Wright Says:

    You should go see a counseller. Jks! XD
    I love the om nom nom one =)

  27. Tony Says:

    That’s an awesome list. I think the weirdest website I’ve seen is calltheinternet.org. The craziest part is that the number is real!

  28. Don Says:

    The notmensa site almost got me. I took the test, then at the end it required my zip code and email address to continue. Yeah, right…not quite THAT nonmensa here.

  29. Koyin Says:

    Nice article. But I don’t think I
    NEED to know about them. Anyways
    keep up the good work I liked it.
    You should take a look at my articles
    you’ll like them


  30. Sheri Says:

    What is that call the internet? i just called it and someone answered LOL. its real????

  31. SammyJ Says:

    Thanks for these. Another weird site is http://www.matchadream.com . The best part is you can read other people’s weird dreams or see if you have had the same dream as someone else.

  32. RianaH Says:

    I just looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved the insultes

  33. Praxile Says:



  34. Maria Blazz Says:

    Some of them are very funny, really. Good research.

  35. kilk Says:

    everyone go to happyslip.com its funnyer

  36. jonah Says:

    Nice list… you shoulda put http://www.wagazoo.com on there, weird website where you keep animals in a zoo – if you don’t keep them happy they start killing each other… definitely WEIRD

  37. Chrissy Says:

    Here’s a website that sells rain for $650,000 and snowball fights in July for $400. Bizarre. I think they’re serious.


  38. jdog Says:


  39. My Worst Secret Says:

    You should check out http://www.MyWorstSecret.com if you like to see human trainwrecks online and read juicy secrets. Enjoy some crazy posts there.

  40. Kicker Says:

    Take a look at http://www.flopculture.com. It’s pretty stupid! But funny at the same time.

  41. Keo Says:

    I think you should warn about “HTTP://WWW.ROTTEN.COM” in a little more detail than just “adult oriented”.Dont get me wrong, I do know, understand and accept that theres a community of people out there interested in viewing these things – but theres also some of us that dont.

  42. Euphoria Says:

    You should add http://www.weirdworm.com/ too.

  43. chickenggetking Says:

    did u know that in new york the penalty for jumping off a building is death

  44. AL Says:

    Here is a website where you play being a “brute”. It is really fun:


  45. CHAN LEE PENG Says:

    I like this post, and it reminds me many great things here.

  46. Alexandra Says:

    I love Crazy Thoughts.. I almost forgot about it :) wonderful list

  47. NomNomFish Says:

    Try nomnomfish dot com. You get to control The Nomming Monster & Nom Real Fish! It’s one of a kind

  48. seiva7 Says:

    hello there, I tried the om nom nom nom.com.

    anyway, crazy list of websites.

  49. Hamlet Says:

    Very Nice list. Some sites are very creative too.

  50. Sonia Says:

    This website is really weird.


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