10 Unusual Ways to Make Money Without Spending Money (Part 2)

Wed, Sep 1, 2010, by Anuradha Ramkumar

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Are you looking for ways to make money online without spending money? Here are some unusual ways to earn money online. These are really quick ways to make money online and these include designing logos, resume writer, paid premium blogger, working as a freelancer with freelance job websites, etc.

Have you read the 10 Unusual Ways to Make Money without Spending Money (Part 1) article that was published a couple of months back? Here is the second part of the article. I’ve discussed more ways of making money online without spending money in this sequel.

1. Work for freelance job websites:

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One unusual ways to make money is by working for freelance job websites. There are various freelance job websites like Scriptlance, eLance, GetAFreelancer, RentACoder, oDesk that offers freelance jobs. Majority of these websites offer free signup. You have to pay a project fee only when you have been awarded a project. Majority of these websites give you 30 days time to pay this fee. The project fee ranges between 5% and 15% of the project awarded. These websites offer a wide range of freelance jobs ranging from data entry to writing articles to designing a website.

2. Transcribing audio files:

If you are looking for easy and quick money, transcribing audio files is something that you can take into consideration. Two essential qualities you must have for transcribing audio files are good command over English and good listening skills. Isn’t this an unusual way to make money?

3. Selling eBooks:

Do you stumble upon eBooks when you are searching for something? Why can’t you write and sell an eBook? Selling eBooks is indeed an unusual way to make money online. You might ask me why should I write and then sell en eBook; why not sell affiliate eBooks. When you create an eBook of your own, it is definitely going to be unique and people like reading fresh content.

4. Translate documents:

Are you good at any particular language? If yes, you can make money or earn money by translating documents from one language to another. To do this, you really have to be very strong in grammar and sentence formation; nobody will like machine translation.

5. Paid premium blogger:

Do you wish to blog? It is not necessary that you need to create your own blog to write blogs. You can write on other people’s blog and get paid for it. Start blogging and earn money. I came across a website called Creative Weblogging who has a network of blogs; you can write in either one or all of the network blogs. I haven’t personally tried this yet. Start with one blog at a time and then slowly put your best foot forward to write for multiple blogs.

6. Designing logos:

There are lots of websites and blogs that are looking for catchy logos. If you are good at designing logos, you can make quick money by designing logos.

7. Create online games:

Do you love playing new games? If yes, why not create an online game. If you are able to create an online game, you can sell this game and make easy money.

8. Become a résumé writer:

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One market that never falls is people who are on the lookout for a new job; this could be fresher or an experienced person looking for a better job. A good résumé will speak volumes of a person’s ability. You can help someone get his dream job by becoming a résumé writer. Write résumés for those who are looking for jobs and earn money quickly.

9. Submit websites to directories:

There are lots of blogs and websites and everybody is looking for traffic. One way of getting traffic is submitting these blogs or websites to related directories. Make use of this option and make money. Keep a list of directories ready with you and look for bloggers or website owners who are in need of traffic. Submit their websites and blogs to various related directories and make money for submitting them to directories.

10. Write software reviews:

Few review websites like Review Stream, Software Judge, etc., are looking for reviewers who can write quality reviews about software. These websites pay you for writing quality reviews. You can earn anywhere between $1 and $7 per review and this depends on the website where you write reviews.

Aren’t these really some of the unusual ways to make money without spending?

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