10 Strange and Bizarre Items Up for Bid on EBay

Wed, Apr 29, 2009, by DA Cournean

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell, E-Bay is a great place to start. There are serious consumers who use the site to locate hard to find items or to sell their wares and services.Then there are those who most likely have too much idle time on their hands and post bizarre and very odd items, with no intention of actually getting any bids. Or do they?

While checking out E-Bay one day I came across a few items which seemed quite bizarre. I am not sure if people post these things as a joke or if they actually believe someone is going to bid on them. A couple of the posts were novelty items which would most likely interest the practical joker. However, some were just plain strange. I’ll start with the novelty items:

Remote Control Fart Machine

Makes fifteen farting sounds. Works up to 100 feet away. Has a boom box feature to increase bass and volume. Wow! Think of the fun you could have at Grandmother’s house….

Squirrel Underpants

What a sight this would be! The advertiser recommends these underpants if you are sick and tired of seeing the naked squirrels scurrying about in the trees. These are 100% cotton with a three inch waistline. They are also suitable for hamsters, frogs and gerbils. There are no suggestions for catching the little critters to dress them however….

Fake Party Poop

Yes this is horribly gross looking and that is why I had to add it to this list. This fake party poop is most likely the ultimate practical joke, and the maker guarantee’s it’s natural authentic look. Measuring in at four inches long, it can be molded to fit any toilet seat. Thank goodness it is odorless or some heads would probably roll…

Shrunken Head

This is described as a realistic TSANTSA shrunken head replica. The ad states that it looks so realistic that E- Bay keeps shutting the auction down. This is definitely not something I would care to wake up to every morning. Creepy….

Used Empty Pack of Marlboro Reds

Seller states that he found this empty pack of Marlboro Reds on a street corner in the town where he lives. It comes with a letter of authenticity and a surprise bonus gift inside. He reveals that the bonus gift could be gold, silver, money or air. Ahem, I wonder what this guy has been huffing….

Animal Crackers

It seems that this auctioneer thinks he has discovered a ménage à trois in the animal cracker world, claiming these were found in this position right out of the box. I wonder how much he expects to profit from this sweet threesome? Personally, I would have been slightly amused, popped it in my mouth, washed it down with cold milk, and called it a day….

Heart Shaped Potato Chip

My question is, if someone does actually bid on this heart shaped potato chip, how the heck will it be shipped without breaking? I don’t think it is possible. If it just breaks in half, the lucky buyer might be able to use a little crazy glue to piece it back together. Otherwise, he will have to settle for his heart becoming miss matched ears….

Pregnant Gummy Bear

Sure, this is cute in a weird sort of way. I suppose it would be a great find for the enthusiastic gummy bear collector. The finder describes it as a pregnant gummy bear, but to me it looks as though it is in the final stage of delivery….

Human Tooth

Not just any tooth, this is a molar. This person had their molars removed to make way for the wisdom teeth. I was under the impression wisdom teeth were usually taken out and the molars left in. Well I learned something new today! It sounds like this seller might need to retain whatever wisdom they possess. Suggestions for use of these molars? Necklaces! Ugh! I don’t believe I would want someone else’s tooth hanging around my neck. Aren’t shark teeth the norm for necklaces? I suppose painting it might make a difference….

And last but not least…

Human Hair

Now I believe I have seen everything! Due to the state of the economy, and having fallen on tough times, this man has decided to auction off his body hair. This includes arm, leg, chest, back, head and face hair. He offers to shave and ship, or if you live nearby you can come and shave him yourself. There are two areas that are off limits to this offer. He will not part with his eyelashes or butt hair.

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  1. Bullwinkle Muse Says:

    OMG. What sort of people walk among us?
    I do, however, admit to a nostalgic fondness for the shrunken heads. For a time during my childhood years, they were hugely popular kits you could buy. You actually had to bake and paint them yourself. OK, so maybe I’m also one of the freaks among us. ;^D

  2. kate smedley Says:

    These are funny! Can’at believe the tooth! Great article.

  3. hfj Says:

    Funny article. The one sitting on the toilet seat reminded me of the movie caddyshack, the swimming pool scene. Gross but funny. Well done.

  4. Jo Oliver Says:

    who in the heck would spend one penny on this stuff. WOW – people do amazingly odd things. great article.

  5. papaleng Says:

    odd things on eBay.

  6. David Irvine Says:

    I love the fake poo item. Great!!

  7. rutherfranc Says:

    bizarre indeed!

  8. Bo Russo Says:

    Um…. WTF!!! are these people from the loony bin?this was funny but strange to say the least.Maybe an elderly person with dentures might want the tooth for sentimental value.The fake poo is pretty funny though.

  9. Michael Swengel Says:


    It’s amazing what some people will try to sell. Hahaha.

    Seriously? An animal cracker threesome? That’s just SAD. xD

  10. Liz Says:

    lmao, wow! im goin for the squireel underpants!

  11. A.L.Smith Says:

    OMG! Fake turd, gummy bear, what the heck is wrong with people.

  12. Glassie Says:

    Great article – just goes to show some people will sell anything for a buck!

  13. tingtingyang Says:

    ok, some of these are crazy. I thought this was a great laugh. Thanks

  14. Anne McNew Says:

    that was a beautiful presentation. it was indeed rare.

  15. IGo-bio Says:

    i have to buy the fake turd.

  16. JazzyCupcake Says:

    Yes, it’s true, some people really are insane.
    Lolz, I totally want the shrunken head replica.
    Does that make me as crazy as the person selling it?

  17. Judy T Lloyd Says:

    Now we know where Jerry Springer gets his audiences. HAHA.

  18. ladybaby Says:

    i would have to say, those buying these things are just as coo coo as the ones selling them. It is a good laugh seeing what people will try to sell.Thanks for sharing.

  19. Daisy Peasblossom Says:

    The really crazy part is I bet there are people out there who will bid on this stuff! Fun stuff.

  20. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Ugh, How awful, it would be interesting to know if anyone bought any of this stuff.

  21. Luffy12 Says:

    is that item really on ebay?

  22. CutestPrincess Says:

    haha… funny especially the fake poop! lol!

  23. R J Evans Says:

    Funny stuff, bizarre what people will sell – and buy!

    Blogged on http://www.webphemera.com

  24. DA Cournean Says:

    For those seeing this for the first time, I would like to mention that the publisher moved the article and it is in the process of being re-formatted. Thank you.

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