10 Killer Things You Can Do to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Sat, May 31, 2014, by LIVING BY GRACE

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Want more traffic coming to your website or blog? 10 killer things that you can do to increase traffic to your website will give you the tools to do it.

You must want to learn how to increase traffic to your website or blog or you would not have clicked to read this article. So, let’s get started.

Number One

Create a website or blog that offers something original or new to your visitors. Do not just copy and paste content that you discover some place else on the internet and try to pass it off as you originally created it. There are easy ways of proving plagiarism these days. Plagiarizers eventually lose everything in the long run.

Number Two

Once you have created an original website or blog then you must be willing to keep the site updated with fresh new content regularly throughout the week. Adding two or three new things to your website daily will generate better results quicker, but it will require a bit of dedication on your part.

Number Three

After you have created an original website or blog and have added two to three new things to your site for about one or two months; it is time to make the next step. Get listed on popular search engines. There are many ways of getting this job done, but some approaches can cost a pretty penny if you choose to hire a professional organization to submit your website or blog to search engines. Or, you can save the money if you have the extra time and submit your website or blog to the search engines yourself. Stick to submitting only to the top three search engines for best results.

Top Three Search Engines are: (use to submit your website or blog)

1. Google (90 percent of individual searches are made through Google worldwide)
2. Yahoo!
3. Bing

Number Four

Think out of the box when it comes to marketing your website or blog. Just following the crowd will not always produce the site traffic that you desire. Sometimes it requires a bit of creative thinking and doing to get the job accomplished. Instead of, just following what someone else is doing; step up be a leader in your own marketing efforts.

Number Five

Now that you are thinking outside of the box, it is time to begin using the tools that are already available on the internet to your benefit. The popular search engines all offer their users the ability to conduct searches via images and many users take advantage of this search option (I for one, do.). Take some original pictures that will enhance your website or blog content and then add the images to your site, and then submit your original images to the major search engines to be listed quicker. It is best if you allow other content producers to freely use your images on their websites or blogs, just so long as they are willing to give you credit with a back-link as to where they found the image. This way you not only benefit from the traffic that the search engine drives your way, but you also receive traffic that the back-link drives to your site where the original image source is located.

Number Six

Much the same idea as number five is, number six approaches generating internet traffic from free content websites. These kinds of websites offer webmasters the opportunity to obtain free content to be used on their websites or in newsletters provided that they do not alter the content in any way and that they provide a back-link back to the original author’s website or blog. The content producer (the Author) writes original content and then publishes their original content on a free content website to be made available to interested webmasters or newsletter publishers free of charge. It is very important that this original content has not been previously published elsewhere including your own website or blog for this marketing technique to produce maximum results. Be sure that you take the time to carefully edit your original content before publishing, because no one will be interested in publishing a poorly written article on their website or in a newsletter.

Number Seven

Find popular blogs that you are genuinely interested in and that offers similar information as your own website or blog offers and become an active commenter in the comment section. Leave a sincere comment that is written very well about one or two paragraphs long pertaining to the information shared within the article that you just read. Share a personal story or experience of your own about the topic that the article was written about with the other visitors that have read the article and may stick around to read the comments left behind by other readers. Do not leave comments that criticizes the author’s writing style or ability, because this will only defeat your effort to attract potential visitors from heading over to your own website or blog. Be sure to leave a back-link to your website or blog at the end of your comment, but do not spam comment sections, because it will only drive potential visitors away from your website or blog, because no one likes Spam.

Number Eight

Learn the difference between Social Networking Sites such as: Facebook, Twitter and Myspace from Social Bookmarking Sites such as: StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. Yes, there are many other ones, but no time to list them all here. There are big differences among social networking sites and social bookmarking sites and if you decide to use any of them as part of any marketing efforts then you will need to have a comprehensive understanding of their differences.

Facebook, Twitter and Myspace may have millions upon millions of individual members belonging to these networks, but unless you have taken the time to build a good reputation and nice looking home page then the chances are slim to none that these networks will enhance your marketing efforts. Like with anything else that you do in business good planning and hard work is necessary to execute a successful marketing campaign. Social networking is just an extension of any marketing campaign plan that includes it and must be dealt with separately, because to use a social network most effectively, it must be treated as a separate website or blog and new content added to it daily.

StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit are social bookmarking sites that allow its members to submit interesting websites, blog entries, news stories, photos and videos to share out to its community who are looking for new internet content to read, watch or look at. Some of these bookmarking sites have blocked particular content from being added onto their network due to past spamming campaigns by content producers own efforts or by the social bookmarking site members submitting a link to a website or news story or article over and over, just to game the system. So make sure that your website or blog has not been blocked by the social bookmarking site that you choose to join and eventually use to submit an article, image or video or two on the site’s network. Do not spam your own content on any of these sites or you will be banned as both a member and your submissions removed. It is best to have a friend or a family member who is a member of any of these kinds of social sites to submit a link back to your website or blog on the networks that the are members of, rather than you yourself doing the submitting, because then it would not be viewed as self-promoting by the network administrator and your chances of seeing the benefit from these sites become greater.

Number Nine

Create a Weekly Newsletter that your site visitors may opt-in receiving (offer an opt-out option too). If possible take the time to learn how to create an attractive HTML Newsletter to offer those people who have chosen to receive it a bit more pop and bling in their in-box. It is best that the newsletter focuses on the nature of the overall topic that your website or blog is focused on and avoid creating a newsletter that steers off the beaten path away from the nature of your own website or blog, because it will only cause confusion and you do not want to cause folks to opt-out of receiving the newsletter.

When creating your newsletter create a section of upcoming stories, offers or announcements that you believe that your readers will be interested in reading or responding to. Create a link that your readers can easily use to email the newsletter to their family or friends. Create a link in the newsletter inviting the readers to visit your website or blog. Partner with an advertiser that offers a product or a service that your website or blog visitors may want to see, hear about, try or buy, but if the advertiser’s product has nothing to do with the type of content that you produce on your website then it is best to not partner with that advertiser just to make a buck or two.

Number Ten

There are many Link Exchange websites on the internet that make big promises, but just don’t deliver good on those promises. Most of the link exchange websites are a complete waste of time even though most basic services are free. What these websites offer is an opportunity to exchange or post a link to your website or blog on the link exchange website, if you then promise to visit other websites that have been posted on their website. What is promised is that if you visit other websites that have been posted on the link exchange website you will earn credits that can be used to drive traffic to your own website. Like I say, usually this is a complete waste of time, however I have used one of these sites that have delivered on most of what they promise and have noticed some positive results from using it. Not only that, but I have also discovered quite a few websites by participating in the program over the last couple of years that I would probably have never come across using any other site. So, I thought that I would share this site with you, if you should want to give it a test drive yourself. Mine you, you will probably not see good results for the first two or three months, but in time I believe you will. The site is called LinkReferral and it is free to join and to use its basic services.

If you just follow these steps, then not only can these “10 Killer Things You Can Do To Increase Traffic to Your Website” work but it could prove results that will have visitors come beating down your virtual door. They sure did mine with over 3.5 million visitors in the last few years.

Results may vary depending on the type of website or content that users provide and how much time is allotted to the marketing efforts.

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