10 Funny Wikipedia Edits

Thu, Oct 29, 2009, by Adam H

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We all know Wikipedia isn’t always accurate seeing as how anyone can edit it and put their ideas into the mixing pot. But just how bad can it get? Well here’s a collection of 10 pictures show just that.

Wikipedia was launched in 2001 with the hope of creating an online encyclopedia that everyone would could contribute to. Unfortunately (or fortunately) things were not meant to be. While most people used it for good, a few saw the opportunity to wreak havoc upon the more controversial of articles. Here is a collection of 10 pictures of just what happens when people want to change a little bit of history.

Edit ninjas

Image Source

and it just gets funnier from there.

image source

Not a member of PETA?

Image source

Game console enthusiast

Image source

Funny man

Image source

Someone doesn’t like the ref,

Image source

Someone also doesnt like left 4 dead 2

Image source

We have a new worlds oldest man.

Image source

I guess you could say he had it comming,

Image source

And one of my favorites

Liked it
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  1. Hilarious Joker Says:

    The more I read it, the more it impresses me. I don’t know how I ever worked without hilarious and funny things in our life, Life would be so much easier especially when there’s a jokes here and there. Being funny is nice because a lot of serious people are lacking with this kind of behavior that is why they are much look older. I would like to thank you for your outstanding blog post. Keep it up! Awesome!

  2. whaaa Says:

    wtf are the pictures supposed to have links attached or something? Is this like a joke rolled into a joke?

  3. RETRAD Says:

    cannot read any of the images… too small. upload the full screenshots next time…

  4. Me Says:

    This post is the biggest fail ever.

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  6. Adam H Says:

    That’s just the way Triond uploaded the post, the pictures were wayyyyy bigger to begin with when I sent this to them but they compressed them way down. Don’t be hatting on me.

  7. Adam H Says:

    But you can check this out if you want more on wikipedia


  8. obama Says:

    um you cant even read them because its so small….

  9. ffaf Says:

    This is retarded, why would you post midget images? fook you!

  10. bigpoppalikesto69 Says:

    can you say….waste of time?? dis sum B.S.

  11. SHADOW Says:

    It’d help if you could read it, idiot

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