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Sun, Sep 6, 2009, by Mary Patricia Bird

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A list of websites for contests and other freebies.

I thought I’d share with you some online contest websites. Though I have only been participating on some for a short time, I have indeed won some prizes.

My Cool Contests

There are lots of prizes to be won every day. The more referrals you have under you, the more entries you have. You can win more than one prize a day! You can also win cash by watching viral advertisements, and they also have quiz contests. You can now earn part of the website’s Google revenue by checking in daily. 

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The Celebrity Cafe

Enter daily for cool prizes like IPODs, CD’s, DVDs and even a Wii. Be sure your country qualifies before entering.

She Knows Points and Prizes

Accummulate points to redeem for great prizes just by finding keywords. Every contest entry has one noted at the bottom. Enter the contests of your choosing on an HOURLY basis to increase your chances. The website is also chock full of information for women and mothers.

Sweepstakes Today

I clicked on my country (Canada) and saved the page in my favourites so that I am only shown contests for which I am eligible. Enter daily, weekly, monthly or one-time (depending on the sweepstakes) for trips, vacations, cars and more!


Play games to acquire entries into contests of your choice. This is a maximum daily entry of 25 entries per contest. I currently have over 4,000 entries in to win a netbook. Pick the prizes you want:  gift cards, IPODs, cameras, netbooks, etc.


For contests, coupons and freebies go to http://www.mysavings.com/


Play games for coins to enter into daily, weekly, monthly and annual cash sweepstakes. There are also instant win games.


Enter monthly to win books and other prizes. Choose an author and you are directed to their website to enter their monthly contest. Most prizes are books but some are gift cards or items related to the author’s latest release. Enter only once a month per author. Choose as many authors as you wish.


For Canadians only, enter daily for prizes sponsored by Canadian magazines Canadian Living, Style at Home, Homemakers and Elle. Everything from gift baskets to vacations.

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This is another Canadian website with contests sponsored by entertainment events such as new movie premieres and festivals. Enter daily.

There are tons of other contest websites. Television stations and newspapers always have contests so look at the websites for the sites in your area. Good luck!

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  1. Christine Ramsay Says:

    That is so interesting. I am so pleased you are winning. A good article.


  2. Vladislav Says:

    Great article!
    iWon likes interesting

  3. Vladislav Says:

    Great article!
    iWon seems interesting

  4. Mary Patricia Bird Says:

    I don’t know why I Triond left the links out. I tried to post them in a comment but it disappeared. Message me if you want the links, especially to mycoolcontests.com so you can use my referral link. Thanks.

  5. Mary Patricia Bird Says:

    I won today on My Cool Contests again for the third time!

  6. Yovita Siswati Says:

    Sound like a fun contest!

  7. Jane Jane Says:

    seems nice contests..=)

  8. Mary Patricia Bird Says:

    Okay, the headers ARE the links.

  9. Ruby Hawk Says:

    they sound very interesting.

  10. melody Says:

    cool article thanks for sharing. Would love to hear what you have won.

  11. Sourav Says:

    This is interesting!

  12. Vane Nascimento Says:

    I’m going to have a look at Writerspace right away. Thanks for sharing these links!

  13. Peter Cimino Says:

    See what you learn when you read other people’s work! LOL! Well done.

  14. BC Doan Says:

    Fun sites to spend time! Thanks for sharing the links..

  15. simplyoj Says:

    thanks for sharing these stites. I’ll check some of them.

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