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Tue, Jan 22, 2008, by Jaison

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Best RSS feeds which you need to add to your blog reader list. 10 extremely useful websites which you should never miss out. Hook them to your RSS reader and you will never be behind the race.

Here is a list of 10 best RSS feeds for my readers. In my last article Are you a smart surfer? , I gave a brief about how you can save lots of time while browsing by using three simple but extremely useful websites. The basic idea behind the article was to introduce the power and seamless applications of RSS feeds. Now in this article I will give you a bonus by revealing the best rss feeds which will change your life.

Here in this article I will introduce you to 10 websites or feeds which a person should have in his/her RSS feed reader. If you don’t have a free RSS feed reader or if you are new to RSS feeds and don’t know much about it, please refer to my previous article which describes how to create a free online RSS reader in minutes and you are all set to get into the wonderful world of RSS feeds.

Even if you don’t have a RSS reader, these websites are the one’s that you should never miss out. So read through.

Latest update: If you have a smart phone, then this book is a must read for you. It basically discuss the 100 uses of android device

  1. Go2Web20 RSS Feeds

    I like this site very much because it introduces me to all those good looking and most of the times extremely useful web 2.0 sites which are becoming popular on the Internet. I have subscribed to this website and this websites gives me at least 2 – 3 new sites daily which I have never heard of. This way I make sure that whenever a happening site starts to get popular in the net, I will come to know about it before my friends. Ever since I have subscribed to Web20 my friends could never surprise me telling about the features of a new happening website cauz I already know. The RSS feeds for Go2web20 is simple and gives you a short description of the new website and how it can be used.

  2. The simple Dollar RSS Feeds

    The site description says it all. “Personal finance advice for people struggling to escape from the many-tentacled debt monster (in other words, everyone)”. That is right. It is a site in which you can find lots of information regarding how you can improve your financial situation by having more control over your income and expenditure. It also describes the day today amendments and financial offers which we come across in such detail that even a person like me with absolutely no financial educational background can understand it without any trouble. Trust me, this site can solve lots of your problems and may be get more from life. The simple dollar RSS feeds will give you the daily motivation to get on with your financial problems.

  3. The Wise Bread RSS Feeds

    This site is for the frugal in you. If you think that you don’t overspend then this site can show you n +1 number of ways to save on your day today activities. It also brings the background story behind all the financial laws and tells you what is hot and what is not. I have picked up a couple of tips from this site which has helped me save a lot (both time and money). The message which this site is trying to give is “There is a catch even in the most ordinary things of life”. Like the simple dollar RSS feeds, the Wise bread RSS feeds will give you the daily motivation to get on with your financial problems.

  4. Life Hacker RSS Feeds

    “Don’t live to geek, Geek to live”. That is the motto of life hacker. This is my most favorite feed. It gives me loads and loads of tips for getting things done and suggests excellent downloads and tweaks which will save you loads of your valuable time. No matter whether you are looking for the latest iphone tweaks or just wondering how you can make your life more productive, then this is the place for you. I bet there is something for all of you in this site. This is one of the best RSS feeds I have ever come across. If you miss every other RSS feeds in this list, please subscribe to the lifehacker RSS feeds. Trust me, you will not regret it.

  5. Make Use Of

    Make use of is a site which provides you web applications, cool tips, reviews and other really useful tools. But there are other websites which does the same. The reason why I included this RSS feed in my reader is because of the new websites which they introduce to me. May be because they give more stress to quantity, the quality of the websites is on a bit of a lower side, but hey let us look at the bright side of things. Sometimes it introduces some really precious gems which other websites totally miss out. Now a days Make use of has added lots of writers for the sites and the number of contents per day is overwhelming. If you don’t like all the articles coming through your RSS feeds, then try online filters to filter your RSS feed and get only the ones which you like.

  6. Webupon

    Webupon is driven by users like you and I. I like it for its simplicity of design and ease of content accessibility. I have seen some really cool articles in Webupon. It has also got a popular tag and popular article section through which a user can easily access the content they are looking for. The articles in webupon are not restricted to geeky stuff which is boring to some people. There are articles which belong to the artistic, social and philosophical category. Do try it out. Webupon RSS feeds were getting a little bit cluttered recently.

  7. Del.icio.us Hot List

    As every one might know, this is a social book marking site which means it is driven by user ratings. So, if some article makes it to the top of the del.icio.us hotlist, then it is surely worth reading. I have subscribed to the feed of del.icio.us hot list to make sure that I don’t miss out the articles which hundreds of people found interesting. Again, this is also one of the best RSS feeds which you should have.

  8. Health Mad

    Your daily dose of health related stuff. It is a very well maintained and very frequently updated site which will have tones and tones of health information. Right from how to lose/gain weight to the questions which people wished they could ask someone. You name it, they have it. If you are a health conscious person, then Healthmad RSS feeds is for you.

  9. Google NEWS (North East West South)

    About 90 % of the web surfers will have a news site which they go through daily. In my case, I have an international news feed (Google News), a local news feed and an economic news feed. The feed which a person chooses will depend on his likes or dislikes. But you should have Google news as your international news feed. The reason why I like Google news is because it is more frequently updated than any other news feeds. You might also go for BBC which is also pretty decent. A must have RSS feeds for anyone who loves news.

  10. Blogs

    Alright, here I am not referring to any particular link. But most people will come across a Blog once in a life time which he/she feels very attracted to. He will feel that the author and is of the same frequency or wave length (or whatever you call it) as him. I have seen many Blogs which have lots of real life experience which became useful for me when I came across the same situation as the author did. It is up to you to pick up these little gems and subscribe to the feed so that even if you forget the website later, you will get the fresh article whenever the author posts a new one. Haven’t come across any such yet? Hit the link and start browsing through the blogs. You never know when you will get lucky. There are different ways by which you can burn RSS feeds for blogs. Do a simple google search and you will come to know about all RSS feed burning methods.

Ok. Its been a long time since I updated this article and there were 100’s of other best RSS feeds which I discovered. I would like to give some more bonus best RSS feeds in this article. So, here they are. some more bonus best RSS feeds. I plan to update it on a regular basis so make sure to book mark and check back.

1. Digital inspiration Technology blog RSS feeds

This one found its place in my list of most recent best rss feeds. Digital inspiration or Labnol gives daily updates about the most important and up to date events in the field of internet and technology. One thing I love about this RSS feed is that it will not overwhelm you with tons of news. The feed will have a select few topics which are well written, informative and written in such a way that the new internet citizens can also understand the idea.

2. NY Times RSS feeds

New York times RSS feed finds place in my list of most recent best rss feeds simply because of the fact that it delivers 100% useful news right into your rss feeds blog reader. The best thing about this is that they have organized the website in such a way that if you like to subscribe to only one kind of news, you can easily do that. For example, I am a kind of person who likes technology news and I love the updates given by David Pogue in NY times. So, I simply subscribe to their technology page’s RSS feed and voila, I have only the main technology related news coming to my rss feed blog reader.

3. Google Labs RSS feeds

If you want Google is planning to surprise you with next, you will have a fair idea if you watch out for the google Labs section. All of Google’s successful and unsuccessful experiments are first published here for the public to try it out.

4. I will teach you to be rich RSS feeds

This blog written by the New York Times bestselling author of the book I Will Teach You To Be Rich. His name is Ramit Sethi. His views are quite different from your average financial adviser. Instead of advising you to live below your means, he will teach you how to earn more and enjoy the finer things in life. Honestly his advise has changed my outlook towards personal finance and I ended up getting the audio book of his book, the first one I EVER BOUGHT. If you really want to be rich, this is the blog you should read.

5. The Geek Stuff. Best RSS feed for Linux.

Geek stuff is not the best RSS feed ever but it is very good for Linux users. It also occasionally provide Life tips like this one about developing good habits. There are about thrity thousand readers to their RSS feed and that speaks volumes about the quality of the content. I give them credit for being a tech site as well as a productivity site. Hope you like it.

6. Wired

Wired news is a great tech website. Anything which happens in the tech world, Wired will have it covered and most probably first. Recently I have added it to my list of best tech RSS feeds. Wired is also the best place to get tech related insider news first hand. I hope you will add this to the list of best tech rss feeds.

There is more to come. Stay tuned. That is it for now. I know there are lots of experienced web surfers out there who might have already discovered amazing websites and feeds. Please share it with us so that every one can benefit. Comments are most welcome.

NB My latest article on Google Priority Inbox Is Gmail Priority Inbox. Tips to Effectively Use Priority Inbox I am sure that you will benefit from reading the article. So, give it 2 minutes of your time. You will never regret it.

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  1. Keith Says:

    Very nice list…indeed the greatest and most influential internet presence of this list is “blogs”…because search engines LOVE blogs, and so one’s writings can be indexed and found with greater ease…many thanks for sharing! Regards, Keith Johnson, Author of “365 Great Affirmations”

  2. Jaison Says:

    Cant agree with you more Keith. I spend 60% of my surfing time in blogs as that is where you get original and natural content

  3. Orli Yakuel Says:

    Thank you.

    I really appreciate your opinion about our directory. We sure trying our best to add new content every day.

    I’ve also liked all the other “players” in your list.

    Good post.

  4. Jake Says:

    I’ve never used RSS feeds before but thanks to this link, I started using the RSS reader in my mIRC script (NoNameScript) and now have over 10 feeds!

    They truly are wonderful, helpful, and fun all at the same time and I can’t believe I just started using them!

  5. Jaison Says:

    Hi Jake, Please go to the Bloglines site to check out more RSS feeds. There are about 1000 feeds compiled according to the most in demand. check em out. am sure you will pick a few more.

  6. MahrUmer Says:

    I’m a newbie to RSS (I mean, I was), but thanks to this awesome and intelligently written article enriched with wise RSS list. I’ve learned a lot about RSS with this article, and just started with Google Reader. Thanks!!

  7. Chris Says:

    Well done. A great variety of quality feeds. I appreciate the time you’ve taken to summarize them. Kudos!

  8. Kevin Says:

    Thanks for the tips, I’ve just discovered RSS feeds, life is so much better with them!!! Especially with those ones!

  9. Jaison Says:

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    Perhaps the most annoying ad to be flung in my face was found here, on this site. Congratulations!

  16. hey hey Says:

    A good RSS feed is Mountain News.com- for snow hounds. I am new to RSSing and am excited that I can check ski conditons anywhere in the world so easily.

  17. Jaison Says:

    Here is my latest article on search engine optimization. How to optimize your website or article to get to the top of google search results. http://webupon.com/search-engines/search-engine-tactics-new-insights/

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    One that I read regularly is rickrobare.com. The guy is a life coach and only posts one or two articles a month but it’s great advice for free.

    Keep up the goodwork

  39. larry schwegler Says:

    Thank you for putting this list together, it must have taken some time considering the vast number of sites offering useful information.

    One that I read regularly is rickrobare.com. The guy is a life coach and only posts one or two articles a month but its great advice for free.

    Keep up the good work!

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